Omni-channel contact centre

Any channel, one conversation

All your customers, conversations, and channels in one place.

Connected conversations with an AI-enabled omni-channel solution

Cirrus is your bridge to connected customer conversations, meeting your customers wherever they are. Our omni-channel cloud contact centre solution brings together different channels, so your agents can communicate with customers via phone calls, emails, social media, or instant messaging! The best part? Every conversation is tracked in one neat record. Customers can hop between channels without skipping a beat, while agents stay on top of it all with a single, user-friendly application that handles interactions across the board. Plus, you get real-time monitoring and reporting to help you make smart improvements.

But wait, there’s more! Meet Cirrus Copilot, your trusty AI sidekick here to supercharge your agents. It will take care of repetitive, basic enquiries and offer guidance and assistance when agents need it.

Empower your agents to deliver exceptional customer experiences

Find out what’s possible with conversational AI

We know that AI won’t ever replace conversing with another human, but it can be a smart choice for automated first-line support and self-service capabilities. CAI delivers thousands of high-quality automated conversations simultaneously. Add more self-service options for customers and drive more agent productivity with automated workflows, all without adding more headcount.

Channel swap like a champ

With our omni-channel contact centre solution customers can switch their ongoing conversion from one channel to another, whilst retaining all the interactions and transcripts. Experiencing high call queue volumes? Give customers the option to communicate with you over webchat or SMS. Having an issue handling a complex query on webchat? Shift the customer seamlessly to a phone call. It’s that simple!

Know your customers and optimise operations

Understand customer needs better than ever before with analytics covering your entire operation—from customer journey maps to business performance insights and more.

Guide Your Agents in Real Time

Support your agents during and after each interaction with AI Agent Assist capabilities, including Real-Time Transcription, Live Agent Guidance, and Automatic Post-Call Summaries.

Digital + self-service = game-changing engagement

With the right mix of digital channels and AI-powered self-service options, your customers can get the help they need how they want, when they want, and where they want.

Manage Consent And Preferences With Ease

Keep track of customer consent and channel preferences and link to campaigns, with unified records that automatically update across channels.

Inbound voice

Maximise inbound voice productivity for great customer experiences.

Outbound voice

Cirrus offers three tailored dialling systems with robust compliance controls for contact centres.

Outbound campaign management

Streamline outbound outreach to drive results whilst mitigating risks


Boost first contact resolution with intelligent routing and virtual agents while minimising wait times.


Improve email engagement with personalised, marketing-style emails using an intuitive HTML editor.


Automate SMS, personalise with CRM and empower agents for impactful conversations.


Respond to customers quickly in their preferred communication channel of WhatsApp.


Incorporate social media alongside your other channels to support and engage your customers on the social channels they use. A good social media presence does wonders for brand perception.

Virtual agent

Deploy intelligent, no-code AI solutions that efficiently handle common inquiries, elevate customer experiences, and seamlessly assist live agent escalations across all platforms, without adding head count.

Conversational AI (CAI)

CAI handles a wide range of customer inquiries, personalises responses with CRM data, and automates support ticket submissions through API access, all while seamlessly transitioning complex issues to live agents.


Webchat makes it easy for customers to get real-time self-service support through messaging right on your website.

Link Pay+ & PCI pro

It's all about making payments effortless for both customers and agents while maintaining the highest data security and PCI compliance standards.

Customer satisfaction

Integrated CSAT measurements. Use the Customer Happiness Index to analyse your customer sentiment and satisfaction and find ways to make them even happier.

See Cirrus in Action

Cirrus Contact Centre is not only built by us, but also by our users. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. Why not get in touch and find out how Cirrus can help your business?