It’s all about Success

For our partners, our customers and as importantly, their customers.

Success is about achieving your desired outcomes

The right technology is important, but how do you adopt and leverage this technology to create and prove success?

We don’t like saying ‘our passion is your success’ – that’s a little corny. However, secretly it is true. Our Success Managers are die-hard contact centre people missioned to deliver just that. Not support. Not sales. But a champion at driving value for you, not us.

Solving your challenges

Our success managers bring a wealth of experience in solving top contact centre challenges. Here are just a few:
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More with less

How do I manage increased numbers and complexity of calls with the same (or less!) people? Do I offer digital channels and if so which and when?

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With so many separate systems and technologies jumbled together, getting accurate and consistent reporting takes significant time and resources

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High wait times

CX is top of the agenda, yet call wait times have increased across most UK contact centres. Some people just don’t want digital – what to do?

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Hybrid working

Cloud is only part of the story. Performance, wellbeing, bandwidth, recruitment, security – the list is long but not so daunting!

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PCI compliance requirements are the same wherever advisers are, there’s no remote working leeway. Luckily there’s plenty of options available.

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Business Continuity

Don’t worry. You are definitely not alone if you have not got a solid disaster recovery or BC plan in place for your contact centre.

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Success for our customers

It’s always great to have someone who has ‘been there’ and ‘done it.’
That’s your Cirrus Success Manager.

Of course, they are experts in our solution. But more importantly, they know what good looks like and how to apply technology to drive performance and deliver exceptional experiences.

They are tasked with understanding you and what it is you want to achieve. Their goal is to make this happen, guiding you along every step of your journey and being there for you on an ongoing basis so as your needs and challenges change, they can help you navigate these.

Contact Success
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“The partnership is very strong and they have definitely proved their value with the transformational results they have delivered for us this year. The time spent to truly understand what was happening across our operation was invaluable. The simple answer was to throw more capacity at the issue, but they showed us that there were more fundamental issues to be addressed and that the solution was to adapt to our customers’ requirements by operating smarter.”

Stuart Sheppard, Contact Centre Manager at Cats Protection

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Success for our partners

Every one of our partners are different, with their own unique value and vision.

The mission of Cirrus Partner Success is to understand that and make our partners highly successful. To be proactive in helping drive adoption, expansion, and renewals to ensure growth.

It is then all about enabling you to deliver success to your customers. We are right by your side, sharing our experience, providing access to experts, and ensuring that your customers achieve their desired outcomes.

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“The Cirrus team are very professional in their approach and offer a multitude of requirements for us. This isn’t just about a voice contact centre service, it’s about web chat, social media, PCI compliance and all the other elements that make up a modern omnichannel service. We are confident of a hugely successful partnership.”

Lee Hunwick, Head of Unified Communications at Daisy Corporate Services

Success with Cirrus

We don’t charge for access to our success team. It is your right to realise the full potential and value from Cirrus products and our expertise. If you have questions or need our help please get in touch.