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Simplify outbound campaign management

Plan and execute sophisticated campaigns effortlessly. Streamline outbound outreach to drive results and lower risk.

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An all-in-one outbound solution

Get set for seamless outbound campaign management with Cirrus. Our all-in-one outbound suite helps you easily plan and run sophisticated campaigns across channels. With strong automation balanced by human oversight, we enable compliant and effective outreach. Our contact centre software is your ultimate control centre for contact lists, cadences, channel rotation, and analytics.

Why Cirrus Outbound Campaign Management Matters

Outbound campaign management generates leads, serves customers proactively, and creates revenue opportunities. From proactive agentless campaigns to tried-and-tested outbound voice services, we make it easy for you to connect every channel for a connected conversation. You can coordinate omni-channel outreach campaigns while ensuring regulatory compliance, all with one all-in-one solution.

Key features of Outbound Campaign Management

With leading channel solutions, proven compliance capabilities, and integrated customer data, Cirrus simplifies and optimises outbound engagement.

Three dialling systems to match your risk appetite and goals

Agents can also switch between voice, email, SMS and more on one screen.

Coordinate campaigns from centralised data in our native CRM

Build targeted contact lists, create intelligent journeys and track performance.

Deliver targetted campaign based on real-time results

Easily manage and automate campaign administration with segmentation, scheduling tools and configurable rules.

Consolidate campaign actions with ticketing

Our ticketing system compiles customer service activities into one place to enable tracking and coordination.

Enhance the customer experience with connected data

Set up tailored workflows to facilitate faster, personalised agent interactions using templates, links and scripts.

Benefits of choosing Cirrus outbound campaign management

All-in-one platform for a blended experience
Empower agents to handle inbound and outbound tasks to reach customers based on real-time demand on their channel of choice.
Increase efficiency
Automate parts of campaigns with self-service to free up agents to focus on more complex conversations.
Mitigate risk
Mitigate compliance risk with four outbound dialling systems designed to match your risk tolerance, compliance needs and business goals.
Complete Customer Profiles
Bring all interactions with a customer together into a complete profile spanning channels and campaigns for the full context agents.
Boost Productivity
Work smarter with integrated workflows, tailored agent desktops, and quick links to help agents handle more conversations faster.

Your all-in-one solution for outbound campaign management

Elevate your outbound campaigns with Cirrus, the all-in-one solution that seamlessly engages your audience on their preferred channels, leveraging our unified platform. Cirrus places a strong compliance focus on ensuring adherence across SMS, voice, and email channels. Our Unified CRM further enhances your outreach by centralising customer profiles and interaction data, providing a more effective and integrated approach to managing and optimising your outbound communication strategy.

See Cirrus in Action

Cirrus Contact Centre is not only built by us, but also by our users. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. Why not get in touch and find out how Cirrus can help your business?