Pick the Perfect Package for Your Business

We understand that every business has unique communication needs. That’s why we’ve designed our packages to be flexible, allowing you to select exactly what you need, when you need it. Whether you’re looking for a full suite of features or just the essentials, our packages have you covered. Our adaptable licensing model is crafted to grow with your business. We offer three main packages—Access, Manage, and Engage—each tailored to support your evolving requirements at every stage of your growth.

Pricing Packages
Feature Description Access Manage Engage
Call recording (incl. 3 months storage) Automatic call recording with metadata indexing and pausing capabilities. Additional encrypted storage available.
BI reporting In-depth analytics across data sources – CSAT, quality, interactions etc.
CSAT Integrates and analyses CSAT data across channels for identifying issues and optimising customer experience.
CRM integration Enables integration between CIrrus and external CRMs, improving agent workflow and data consistency.
Agent scripting Tools for customising and managing call scripts that are dynamically presented based on call context.
Secure payment (Link Pay+) Enables secure payments via URLs across channels, with full tracking and reporting.
Cirrus Pulse Real-time notification channel to update agents and managers about key performance and operational metrics.
WFM Solutions for forecasting, shift management, and performance analytics designed for contact centres. £
Quality monitoring Tools for quality monitoring including custom metrics, real-time feedback, and integrated reporting. £
Ticketing Unified ticketing system linked across channels to ensure seamless customer interactions and follow-ups. £
Quality analytics Advanced conversation analytics using LLMs for insight into sentiment, trends, and agent performance. £ £
Webchat Facilitates real-time web-based chat between customers and agents. £ £
eLearning Centre Integrated eLearning platform for agent training and development. £ £
Agent assist Real-time speech-to-text processing to provide agents with live information and guidance during customer interactions. £ £ £
WhatsApp Enables agents to send/receive WhatsApp messages alongside other channels. £ £ £
Outbound campaign management Tools for managing various types of outbound campaigns and dialling strategies alongside CRM integration. £ £ £
Social media & online reviews Integrates Facebook Messenger / Posts, Instagram, Google Play / Apple App Store and YouTube into the agent desktop alongside other channels. £ £ £
AI models (incl. CAI & CAI+) Advanced, generative AI-based models supporting customer conversations across voice and digital channels. £ £ £
Secure payments (PCI Pro) Secure, PCI-DSS compliant in-call payment processing solution. £ £ £
Screen recording Records agent screens for quality, training and compliance purposes. £ £ £
Cirrus CRM Fully embedded contact centre focussed CRM. £ £ £

Feature matrix

Our licensing model is specifically designed to adapt to the ever-changing needs of today’s contact centres. It’s flexible, aligning perfectly with your business’s growth. Each license includes essential functions, with the option to add more features as you need them.

Access Package
Perfect for basic contact centres or service desks moving to the cloud, the Access package covers essential voice, email, and SMS services, along with CRM integrations. It’s designed to keep your operations running smoothly while taking advantage of cloud technology.

Manage Package
Our most popular option, the Manage package, builds on Access by adding advanced tools like workforce management, ticketing, and quality management. It’s ideal for businesses that want to improve their service efficiency and quality.

Engage Package
The Engage package is designed for organisations that need a full omnichannel approach from the start. It extends digital channel support and includes webchat, AI-powered analytics, and access to our eLearning Centre for ongoing agent development. This package is for businesses focused on maximising every customer interaction.

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