Celebrating contact centre heroes!

We want to shine a spotlight on the contact centre staff who do an incredible job keeping services running, despite the unpredictable challenges thrown at them.


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Meet our contact centre heroes!

Matthew Sheeran

“Known for a fantastic phone manner, Matt always goes the extra mile. He provides crucial support, especially to vulnerable customers. Matt invests extra time on the phone, ensuring customers fully understand and feel reassured by the advice given. His dedication and expertise make him a true asset to our contact centre team.’’

Jen Howard

“Jen is one of the most positive people we have in the office, but especially on our Helpdesk Team. She consistently demonstrates outstanding customer service. Jen shows dedication and professionalism to every customer she speaks to. We receive a lot of positive feedback relating to Jen’s service and this is a testament to her work ethic. She sets an extremely high standard on our team and always does so with a smile on her face.’’

Jade Corser

“Jade, our rockstar helpdesk analyst, consistently shines in her role with an admirable blend of patience and understanding. What sets her apart is not just her technical prowess but her exceptional communication skills. She has a knack for addressing challenges with a cool-headed approach, making every interaction a positive experience for our customers. Jade’s ability to speak to people in a way that resonates and uplifts adds an invaluable touch to our service. We’re fortunate to have her on the team, and this recognition is well-deserved.’’

Darren McKenzie

“Since Covid recruitment has been a real challenge across the industry, meaning more pressure to find the right people, but also keep the morale of your current team up and not lose sight of the goal. Darren has done a great job at both, and we would not be as far on as we are without him. You can ask anyone what they love about Darren, and they will instantly say his smile and his laugh, both are infectious and have kept the team going through the tough times.”


“Elizabeth has handled many challenging calls, from irate callers complaining about problems with the police and transportation to callers who are struggling with severe mental health issues, but she always actively listens and tries to connect the caller to the right organisation that can help them.”

Owen Onslow at Nisbet CCHero

Owen Onslow

“Owen was curious and self-motivating from the start and by the time the pandemic hit he was already one of our most flexible and skilled advisors. He continued to gain new skills and was a clear choice to headline our Cirrus Transformation within the Contact Centre. He scheduled over 200hrs of training across our teams, contributed to 350hrs of UAT in his own time and has become the system Subject Matter Expert for the whole company.”

Kahlan Hayes at Fulcrum CCHero

Kahlan Hayes

“Kahlan is committed to her work, customers and colleagues and comes to work regardless of any personal challenges. She manages multiple tasks and accounts for us, delivers training and is always willing to work different or additional hours to support our business, colleagues and customers. Kahlan does her absolute best every day to ensure there is a resolution for the customer, takes ownership and remains calm.”

Viv Mills at RNIB CCHero

Viv Mills

“Viv is always pro-active and responds quickly to requests for back up on the phones and pleas for additional call backs! She is cheery and a pleasure to have when I am the duty manager, she adds to the duty chat, often giving information other advisers are struggling to find. She has also worked incredibly hard with an emotional caller, listening without judgement, gathering information, making sure the DM (me) was on the call to offer support and ultimately allowing the customer the space and time to start to open up and then relax once he realised Viv could help.”

Adam Lough at Insurethebox CCHero

Adam Lough

“Adam has been non-stop looking at ways to improve processes, improve our set up, and introduce new channels to reduce customer queue time. This has helped us to continue to service our customers throughout this challenging period. Adam has gained a great understanding of our customer needs in such a short space of time and is working hard to progress our channels to the next level.”

Emma Buffoni at RNIB CCHero

Emma Buffoni

“Emma continues to work hard for customer resolution, always striving to make sure any query she gets is resolved and that the customer is happy. She has also stepped up to being a designated safeguarding lead when we increased our Helpline hours for 6 months over covid and now covers every Saturday she has a consistent positive attitude which has made a huge different to our team, even when Emma herself was struggling working on her own at home, she recognised this and asked to come into the office 2 days per week and has learnt extra duties to support. Emma will often volunteer to change shifts if we have sickness in the team without any fuss, reliability is hard to come by and Emma is someone we can always count on. Her work ethic and involvement with the team are admirable and we are fortunate to have someone as dedicated as Emma.”

Irina Mihaila at Lovehoney CCHero

Irina Mihaila

“Irina is a bit of an unsung hero . She’s been so helpful and contributed massively to all the great work IT has done, influencing really positive changes from a customer care perspective. She’s also dealt with a lot, working from Romania last year, having her wedding postponed twice, which she’s going over there for again in October, and she’s not complained once, nothing is too much trouble for her and she’s so lovely with our customers!”

Ellen Bergdahl at Macmillan CCHero

Ellen Bergdahl

“In this last year Ellen has seen the Online Community go through so many changes and she has been at the heart of all of them. She has seen it through the re-platforming a year ago which was complex, challenging and created a huge amount of work off the back of it, with the enhancements needing to be identified and worked through and developed, customer expectations needing to be managed, stakeholders needing to be managed, and not least of all, doing all of this with a brand new team.”

Abby Dorey & Richard Barker at Cats Protection CCHero

Abby Dorey & Richard Barker

Both winners made a real difference throughout the pandemic. They adapted to home working extremely well and always made sure great customer service was at the forefront of everything they did. They continued to undertake and complete all required activities while taking a proactive lead in training and mentoring new members of staff.

Mandy Green at Onward Homes CCHero

Mandy Green

“Mandy always quickly adapts and responds positively to new ways of working and this was evident in utilising the new unified comms platform lunched late last year. She always displays excellent empathy when speaking to customers and takes the time to ensure they fully understand the information she is providing to them. Mandy is excellent at adapting her style to customers own needs and has a friendly, soothing tone of voice. Mandy is also the first to offer to cover or swap any shifts during busier periods and displays all the right qualities required to make any interactions with customers and colleagues an enjoyable one.”

Hayley Beckett at TPRG CCHero

Hayley Beckett

“Throughout the whole pandemic, Hayley has been a super star in my eyes. She’s been able to move from one task to the next without any issues, while also supporting her two young children. Hayley committed to doing so much overtime for us last month- staying on until gone mid-night most nights. Helping with other colleagues in the Team Rhino chat and also helping the managers where needed, being flexible.”

Sophie McCann at Premium Credit CCHero

Sophie McCann

“After working for the company for many years, Sophie has gained a great knowledge base which she is always happy to share with other agents and help them when needed which was invaluable whilst working through initial stages of the pandemic and over the last 12 months. Sophie is a highly motivated and reliable member of the team who is always happy to take on any extra challenges. She is also always happy to assist her peers and promotes an upbeat ‘can do’ attitude.”

Amy Doyle at Premium Credit CCHero

Amy Doyle

“After joining the company in 2019, Amy has excelled in the Contact Centre working hard as an agent, especially through the pandemic producing great call stats whilst also maintaining fantastic customer service. Her ability to help and resolve customer and Partner issues did not go unnoticed and resulted in her successful application as a Senior agent in July 2020. She now works hard resolving customer complaints, deals with more complex queries, and helps with coaching whilst always looking for resolutions to improve our processes.”

Natalie at Lovehoney CCHero


“On top of managing long-standing chronic medical conditions, Natalie has had to suffer a pretty serious exacerbation in her physical health while homeschooling and looking after her children as a single parent and taking minimal sick/carer’s leave to avoid letting our team down. She has worked a significant amount of overtime to help out where needed and has completed a huge volume of work as a result. At no stage has her standard of service dwindled and she gets a sense of pride and accomplishment going the extra inch for customers, especially if they are having a tough time themselves. Despite the challenges she has faced in the past two years, Natalie is a joy to have on the team, always going out of her way to make sure her teammates are assisted.”

Andrew Walters at CIVICA CCHero

Andrew Walters

“We are nominating Andrew Walters for contact centre hero due to his actions over the last few months, he has, on several occasions aided a colleague with an ongoing condition with first aid as he is a member of St. John’s ambulance outside of work. He has brought in a few items to help support this member when the need arise to check vitals, and has since become a recognised first aider for the company. Additionally he has also taken on the extra duties of being a health and safety representative.”

Thank you to all our contact centre heroes

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