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Empower teams for better customer experiences, productivity, and compliance

Workforce management

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Quality management

Conversation analytics

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Boost team performance with Cirrus workforce optimisation

We’ve made workforce optimisation easy. Our AI-powered solutions empower and develop your teams to deliver standout customer experiences.

We provide modern tools to support your agents across various channels, offering complete control and visibility through a unified interface. With AI-powered insights, real-time data-driven decisions become a reality, while automated scoring, feedback, and training drive continuous improvement. Our solutions encompass every aspect of workforce optimisation, from intelligent forecasting and scheduling to unified analytics, conversation analytics, quality management, coaching, and eLearning.

Key benefits of Cirrus workforce optimisation

Modern tools to drive productivity

Improve your team’s performance and deliver exceptional customer experiences across all customer contact channels with our easy-to-use tools. All of this is easily managed through a single, unified interface.

Quick data-driven decisions

Make faster decisions by using real-time data. With AI-powered insights, you can make smarter, faster, and data-based decisions for your contact centre.

Agent onboarding

Automate agent scoring, feedback, and training

Set up quality management processes that work well, then use our easy-to-use tools to give clear feedback and offer focused training and coaching to your team.

Workforce Management

Intelligent forecasting and scheduling optimises staffing. Keep agents engaged with shift bidding and smart communication tools.

Performance analytics

150+ out-of-the-box reports provide rapid insights across data sources. Streamlines customer interactions and performance data for smarter, faster decision-making.

Agent scheduling

Simplify shift management through an intuitive interface, enabling managers to create schedules and giving agents self-service options for time-off and swaps.

Call & screen recording

Retrieve, score, distribute, and play back synchronized call, screen, and multichannel recordings, including the full desktop screen, agent info, and call details effortlessly.
Agent onboarding


Use interaction recordings, scorecards, and performance analytics to offer personalised feedback and development to agents right within the platform, no matter where they are.

Quality management

Customise scorecards for interactions, share results, coaching, and training within the platform.

Conversation analytics

Our powerful conversation recognition engine accurately transcribes 100% of all customer interactions to provide valuable insights for data-driven decisions.

Customer satisfaction (CSAT)

Our customer satisfaction surveys collect feedback across voice, email, chat, and SMS channels, giving you rich insights to understand your agents and customers better.


Display critical contact centre KPIs and metrics on wallboards to gain real-time visibility into operations and performance.

Ready to take your technology and contact centre to the next level?

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