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Connect and convert with Outbound Voice

Tailored outbound voice solutions to help you drive sales, service, and retention through compliant engagement.

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Reach more customers with Cirrus Outbound Voice

Outbound calling has entered an era of efficient and ethical customer engagement. Gone are the days of spammy cold calls. Cirrus provides tailored outbound voice solutions to help you balance productivity, compliance, and great customer experiences.

Powered by AI, CRM, and automation, Cirrus’ outbound solution delivers personalised and relevant experiences to play a vital role in lead gen, customer service, and driving revenue.

Why Cirrus Outbound Voice Matters

Cirrus outbound voice is designed specifically to help you:

  • Strategically connect with customers to drive sales, service, retention and other goals
  • Maintain robust compliance with changing regulations like GDPR and Ofcom
  • Deliver positive experiences that build trust and loyalty

With the right outbound voice solution in place, you can turn inbound leads into customers faster, upsell more strategically, and resolve issues before they escalate – leading to reduced churn and higher lifetime value.

Take a deeper look at how Cirrus’ outbound solution is building trust and creating win-win experiences. 

Key features of outbound voice solutions

Manual dialler


  • Gives agents the flexibility to initiate calls manually
  • Ensures GDPR and other compliance
  • Great for account ownership models


  • Presents agents with customer info to preview before calling
  • Enables more personalised call openings
  • Perfect for high-value, complex calls


  • Calls are launched with automated strategies
  • Maximise agents’ time spent on the phone
  • Improved customer service and increased loyalty

Other features

  • Omni-channel integration and reporting
  • CRM screen pops for personalisation
  • Real-time DNC list management
  • Call recording for quality assurance
  • Robust voice self-service options
  • Conversational AI capabilities

Benefits of choosing Cirrus outbound voice solutions

Drive performance & mitigate risk
Achieve the right balance for your needs with four tailored dialing systems. Cirrus's deep compliance expertise also ensures you can execute campaigns efficiently and compliantly.
Accelerate lead conversion
Get in touch with leads faster across their preferred channels using CRM-enabled tools. Personalised, omni-channel outreach means more leads convert to sales.
Deliver great experiences
Put customer experience first with AI-powered interactions and agent empowerment. Cirrus makes it easy to delight customers across the lifecycle.
Get expert guidance
Cirrus's consultants become an extension of your team, helping uncover new opportunities and optimise every aspect of your outbound operations using data insights.
Unify on one platform
Eliminate integration hassles by connecting data, channels, compliance, AI, analytics, and agents on one seamless platform.

Connect and convert with confidence with Cirrus outbound voice solutions

Outbound voice remains a high-impact way to connect with customers. But doing it right takes expertise and technology tailored to today’s environment. Cirrus provides integrated, compliant, high-performance outbound voice to help you get more from your campaigns.

See Cirrus in Action

Cirrus Contact Centre is not only built by us, but also by our users. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. Why not get in touch and find out how Cirrus can help your business?