Cirrus Copilot

Introducing the ultimate AI sidekick, powered by ChatGPT. 

Omnipresent AI for connected conversations

We love contact centres. That’s all we do and have devoted ourselves to contact centre excellence. With the rise of generative AI, we have put a lot of thought into where it can have the most profound impact on contact centre operations. And guess what? We’ve nailed it. Meet Cirrus Copilot, your ultimate AI sidekick, powered by ChatGPT. It’s ever-present across the platform, guiding, helping, learning, and checking out every single interaction. And it gets smarter every day! By analysing each conversation, it learns and identifies when, and whom, to escalate queries.

This AI assistant can handle an unlimited number of basic questions by drawing from your product documents and manuals. It gives accurate answers 24/7 which builds customer loyalty and satisfaction. It even talks like a human, thanks to advanced natural language processing (NLP). And if it gets stuck, it smoothly passes the conversation on to a human agent. Agents get handy tools like summaries, smart suggestions, scripts, and help, which improves average handling time and nails first contact resolution. Managers have AI-generated insights to manage agent performance and workflows that automate and optimise agent scheduling.

 This ingenious assistant lends support to human agents, handles routine inquiries, automates tasks, offers guidance, and delivers insights that lead to connected customer conversations. Cirrus Copilot is your co-pilot for contact centre success.

AI in motion: Agent experience

Boost agent efficiency

Cirrus Copilot collaborates with human agents, making tasks easier, interactions smoother, and redefining contact centres altogether. Picture a co-pilot that anticipates your every move, assisting you around every turn. Cirrus Copilot is your invaluable ally, working side by side with human agents to deliver swift, superior customer support.

Smart Summaries: Quick, editable call summaries save time and capture important details.

Easy Automation: Tickets, notifications, and campaigns are automated based on call keywords, ensuring smooth processes and accurate records.

Handled Inquiries: Let AI manage simple queries, freeing up agents for important tasks. Seamless transfer to human agents when needed.

Helpful Pointers: Get real-time suggestions, articles, and alerts for faster solutions and improved interactions.

Instant Transcripts: Accurate live call transcripts give agents full context, leading to quicker, more effective customer chats.

AI in motion: Customer Experience

Powering customer service levels

Cirrus Copilot builds strong customer connections. Talking with Copilot means happier customers, more loyalty, and loving the brand. Customers get quick, accurate answers instantly.

Quick Answers: Get instant responses to common questions anytime.

Natural Conversations: Understands and chats like a human. Seamlessly hands off to an agent when necessary.

Smart Suggestions: Predicts customer needs and offers solutions.

AI-Driven Manager Insights

Empowering Leadership

Equip managers with potent insights using AI analysis of every single customer interaction and agent’s performance. Cirrus Copilot unveils critical conversations, identifies emotional triggers and skill gaps, enhances staffing decisions, and delivers targeted coaching to agents.

Speech Insights: Spots trends and feelings in talks, aiding coaching.

Real-Time Monitoring: Real-time AI reports follow metrics and agent actions, with alerts.

Quality Check: Rates calls by rules, so managers can coach better.

Smart Coaching: Suggests personalised training based on performance gaps, saving time.

Scheduling Help: Predicts staffing needs from trends, improving schedules.

Ready to take your technology and contact centre to the next level?

Cirrus contact centre is not only built by us, but also by our users. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. Why not get in touch and find out how Cirrus can help your business?