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The future of citizen engagement

Public sector organisations across the country face the same challenge: their citizens or patients expect more, yet budgets in real-terms are getting tighter. With close scrutiny, contact centres in the public sector have to find ways to drive greater efficiencies while at the same time deliver the experience that citizens or patients demand over the channels that they prefer.

You may see this as an overwhelming challenge, but at Cirrus we see it as a great opportunity.

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Engagement simplified

Citizens and patients don’t just want digital engagement; they are demanding it!

Catching up with this demand does not have to be difficult, nor expensive.
We’ve simplified things for you with a single solution that is capable of supporting every channel: voice, chat, SMS, email and even social.

Want to use just email? Not a problem. Want to add Chat or SMS? No issue. With Cirrus, you just simply switch it on and you’re ready to go.

Digital Channels
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“Cirrus’ Contact Centre for Microsoft Teams solution has been an effective solution for our contact centre agents. The application was so intuitive they were proficient in no time. And, crucially, the solution has enabled us to embrace hybrid working, allowing our staff to work from home or the office. It even accommodates for visually impaired users and meets our accessibility needs.”

Michelle Hones, Senior Business Analyst

Eliminate complexity with automation

A major challenge for local government is that you’re responsible for many different things and serve citizens in many different ways. Connecting citizens or patients with the right people can be difficult and frustrating for the caller.

That’s why we automate routing! If a call comes in, it is matched with customer data and sent to the right team without needing copious voice menus.

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Hybrid working. Anywhere

When you act as one, you can achieve great things, and this is a principle we help local governments, NHS or other public sector organisations to apply. You see, we don’t care where people sit: at home, in an office or in a contact centre; we can bring them all together with a single lightweight solution that’s easy on bandwidth.

Even better, why not integrate directly into your existing Microsoft Teams ecosystem? Now, your agents benefit from a single interface for both internal collaboration and contact centre functionality.

MS Teams integration

Ready to take your technology and contact centre to the next level?

Cirrus contact centre is not only built by us, but also by our users. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. Why not get in touch and find out how Cirrus can help your business?