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Maximise customer engagement with SMS

Use SMS for customer interactions, improve self-service capabilities, and automate tasks with intelligent bots.

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Integrate SMS into your customer communication strategy

One of the most effective methods to engage your customers and boost customer engagement is through SMS. Cirrus SMS will deliver chats to your agents, with full customer engagement history, in one place alongside all the other channels you have chosen. Outbound SMS campaigns are a breeze and can be automated through targeted text-based outreach.

Why Cirrus SMS Matters

More and more people prefer texting over calling. No need to wait on hold or navigate confusing phone menus. SMS allows you to reach customers where they are. Instantly delivered, it allows for fast, real-time communication. Compared to other channels like email, SMS text messaging stands out for its exceptionally high open and response rates.

Agents can also handle multiple SMS chats simultaneously than phone calls, improving productivity. And with an omni-channel platform, SMS can be unified with other channels to provide agents with full context on one single screen.

SMS is a convenient and effective way to connect with customers that delivers great engagement and customer satisfaction.

Key features of SMS solutions

Cirrus SMS equips agents with advanced tools to streamline outreach and create customised conversations.

Leverage customer data to personalise and target SMS campaigns.

Our CRM gives agents comprehensive customer account details along with their full interaction history, enabling them to have meaningful, personalised conversations with customers.

Drive engagement through efficient bulk messaging

Design 2-way personalised campaigns across SMS, voice, email, and webchat, using centralised data to reach entire lists or segments on our all-in-one omni-channel platform.

Enhance performance with detailed SMS analytics

Get real-time insights through SMS-specific or cross-channel analytics, based on KPIs, like open rates and responses, to enable continuous optimisation of the omni-channel experience.

Simplify contact centre text message compliance

With embedded compliance controls covering GDPR, Ofcom, and other considerations related to compliance, mitigating risk and consent is steamlined.

Benefits of choosing Cirrus outbound voice solutions

Higher response rates
SMS delivers up to 6x higher response rates compared to traditional channels like email and direct mail.
Improved customer satisfaction
Customers prefer texting and SMS provides a prompt, personalised service.
Increased agent productivity
With streamlined workflows and omni-channel management, agents can handle 3x more conversations via SMS than phone.
Expanded reach
Text messaging allows centres to engage new demographics on their preferred channel.
Robust analytics
In-depth SMS analytics provide actionable insights to continuously optimise campaigns based on real-time campaign tracking.
Connected conversations
With Cirrus, SMS integrates seamlessly with other channels for consistent, contextual conversations across touchpoints.

Amplify your outreach with Cirrus SMS

Cirrus provides complete omni-channel solutions purpose-built for contact centers. Our SMS messaging capabilities help agents boost engagement and deliver superior customer experiences.

See Cirrus in Action

Cirrus Contact Centre is not only built by us, but also by our users. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. Why not get in touch and find out how Cirrus can help your business?