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Experience seamless customer service with Cirrus chatbots – your solution for automated, efficient, and consistent customer interaction across various digital platforms. Whether it’s for simple FAQs or complex queries, our chatbots are designed to handle it all, providing customers with quick and accurate responses, anytime and anywhere.

What’s the difference between CAI and CAI+?

Cirrus offers two distinct AI-powered chatbot services: CAI for automating FAQs and first-line support, and CAI+ for a more advanced, generative AI experience. CAI excels in multi-channel support and easy chat flow creation, while CAI+ offers enhanced customer service with natural language processing and comprehensive data integration. Both ensure seamless handovers to human agents, maintaining consistency and efficiency in customer interactions across all digital platforms.


Ideal for automating FAQs and first-line support.

Cirrus’ Conversational AI (CAI) enables you to deliver high quality automated conversations across any channel with minimal fuss.

CAI is more than just a chatbot. It understands your customers’ requests and responds naturally and intuitively. This means you can provide 24/7 access to services, handle high volumes of interactions consistently, and deliver some exceptional benefits for you and your customers.

However they chose to contact you – voice, webchat, SMS, messaging, email, social – you can offer brilliant self-service experiences.

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Increase sales

 Offer support, recommendations, services and personalised, friendly advice to customers 24/7  which helps boost revenues and brand loyalty.

Decreasing, workforce management

Reduce costs

Free up your agents to focus on complex tasks, reducing operational costs and improving employee experience.

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Accelerate productivity

The transition of enquiries from AI to human is seamless, with history and context provided. Interactions can be resolved quickly, first time.

Increasing, workforce management

Improve satisfaction

Instant responses, accurate and consistent service, always available, convenient and fast – what’s not to like, and use again?!


The smartest chatbot of them all

CAI+ is our most powerful AI chatbot service. It’s fully integrated with Large Language Models, using generative AI to offer natural, intelligent conversations and efficient problem-solving.

CAI+ is designed for a seamless experience over multiple channels, integrating data like CRM history for personalised service, and smartly transitions to human agents when needed, ensuring smooth, context-aware customer interactions. The configuration of the CAI+ service requires a dedicated consultancy service.

Generative AI across all channels

With advanced NLP, CAI+ offers personalised human-like interactions across various channels to provide a consistent, uniform customer experience.

Intelligent responses

CAI+ uses broad data like company data and customer history to give smart, relevant answers, handles routine questions on its own, and understands the details in each customer chat for better service.

Average Handling Time

Accelerate productivity

The transition of enquiries from AI to human is seamless, with history and context provided. Interactions can be resolved quickly, first time.

Build once, for every channel

Our Conversational AI (CAI) is designed to serve customers across all channels and seamlessly hand over to a live agent with the full interaction history.

Getting started with CAI is quick thanks to our intuitive, no-code, workflow editor. Once training is complete, CAI is ready to engage with customers. It can interpret intentions and respond in the same way a human would – only it can do it faster, more consistently, and for a much lower cost per interaction.

Watch an example of how Conversational AI works via SMS, so a customer calling on their mobile phone does not need to wait in a queue.

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Chat on their favourite channel

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 Proactively engage visitors with a friendly CAI that can assist, direct and answer customer requests.

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As a trusted channel, text has the highest open rate. So if they are on a mobile phone, why not offer the option to solve their query over SMS?

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Messaging Apps

Enable CAI to engage with customers on popular apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Google Business and more.

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Handle massive volumes of emails at speed. Automate your mailboxes for accurate, rapid and personalised email resolutions.

Learning to be human from humans

Conversational AI (CAI) learns from all its conversations with people. It utilises Machine Learning to adapt it’s responses and build understanding. The more CAI sees, the more it learns. And just like a real agent, CAI needs access to other systems to provide and update information. Smooth integrations with your internal tools and external systems enables CAI to perform the same tasks as agents. Finding information, updating details, locating orders, taking a payment – you name it, CAI can do it.

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Cats Protection adopts AI

Conversational AI has enabled Cats Protection to manage an incredible 46% increase in demand for its services. More calls are being resolved first time with significantly reduced wait times. Self service has proved very popular, and expert advice and assistance made available 24/7. Good mews!

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