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Why join Cirrus? People are the heart of Cirrus and run on innovation, partnership and solving challenges.

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Investing in you

Cirrus is always growing, improving and building new processes and partnerships. We are also developing exciting and innovative new services and solutions. And we know that, to do this successfully, we need to put our people first.

Whether you work to live or live to work, Cirrus is about supporting what matters to you. We want you to feel appreciated and supported. Let’s celebrate your successes and encourage you to break new ground. Most importantly, we want you to be happy, healthy, have time away and get time to give back.

Our culture, benefits and everything between reflect our commitment to wellbeing and flexibility. But most importantly they need to be right for you. That is why we’re constantly listening to ideas and evolving what we offer to ensure we attract and keep amazing people.


We look for a certain X-factor in people. Work takes up a large part of our lives, so our focus on culture creates an environment where our people get the most enjoyment, challenge and reward from being with us.

Jason RoosCEO

During my time with Cirrus, I have been offered countless opportunities which have allowed me to not only progress my career but has also allowed me to inherit skills that I wouldn’t otherwise have possessed. I joined Cirrus as an Apprentice 1st Line Support Analyst and I am now working in as Revenue Operations Enablement. Cirrus is a fantastic team where hard work doesn’t go unnoticed!

Ben KempRevenue Operations Enablement

I’d not been with Cirrus long before I found out I was pregnant, the support I received during my pregnancy, maternity leave and return to work was amazing. Working for Cirrus allowed me to work from home and be flexible with my working hours, meaning I wasn’t losing precious time with my son but also still enabling me to have a career. During my time away, the company had grown and when I returned an opportunity that would enable my personal development became available and with training, support, and a lot of hard work I was promoted to Compliance Manager from my project delivery role. Cirrus really are a great, supportive company to work for.

Leah WalkerHead of Audit, Risk and Compliance

The way we work is incredibly collaborative. Everyone in the team feeds in to our processes and managers genuinely take on board recommendations from staff!

Will TonnaHead of Bid and Content

Our culture

We are 100% Cloud based and apply the same approach to both our people and customers: we give them highly innovative tools so they can work from anywhere.

We place real emphasis on achieving a healthy work/life balance and run an ongoing staff welfare programme.

Diversity and inclusion

We fully support diversity and inclusion in the workplace and aim to be supportive and fair before and during your time at Cirrus.

In 2020 we spoke at the Women in Business Expo where the women in our team helped guide others in the industry.

We are proud to say we are 40% Female and 60% Male, where the industry average is 20% Female and 80% Male.

Giving back

Here at Cirrus we know that our staff are passionate about a range of causes. So everyone in the team is given one day off a year to volunteer for a charity of their choosing.

Already in 2022, the team have been busy! Activities have included: helping out at an animal shelter, supporting a food collection for Ukraine and transforming a communal garden space for See-Ability. In addition, several of the team took part in a charity walk along the Jurassic Coast to raise money for Macmillan Cancer.

As a thank you, we give our staff unlimited time off (UTO)!

Your development

As a growing workforce, we encourage internal progression and promotions.

There are multiple opportunities for people to develop their careers at Cirrus and many examples of people who have done so, most start with passion and ambition! We have invested in a learning management system and run regular training programmes and actively encourage knowledge sharing.

Be more you

At Cirrus, we want you to be you. Everyone has unique talents and experience, and we love that. You see, we are a group of individuals that collectively make things happen. Like innovating game changing solutions for our customers, that’s why we have earned a reputation for being the best of the best with our partners.

We know you have more ideas, more potential, more energy. Join us on our mission to completely transform the future of communication.

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