Stand out from the crowd

We deliver an award winning contact centre solution for BPO. You bring incredible people and knowledge. Together we make a great team.

Your contact centre was our beginning

Cirrus contact centre was originally built for a BPO and was so successful at delivering unparalleled service, it’s now used by organisations across all sectors.

As a BPO contact centre solution at heart, we are perfectly placed to deliver against your requirements and your customer’s expectations. As a result, we understand that your success relies on delivering a great quality of service along with cost savings. For this reason Cirrus was built to provide exceptional scalability and reliability, while leveraging innovations and integrations – all in a practical way.

When it comes to demonstrating powerful accurate reporting, simple integrations with client systems and great quality service – we are by your side.

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Be cost effective with ROI in mind

With Cirrus, there is no capital investment required. Simply scale up and down the number of users and add channels and functionality as required.

We realise being cost effective isn’t always the only concern. You also need to show your clients the value you deliver.

No matter where your agents are, Cirrus provides you with that holistic visibility across your entire operation and by brand. See the demand across channels or the performance of each agent, know what is happening and why.

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“We have 1153 bespoke customer journeys for the 850 clients in the Cirrus platform, 5293 Numbers active on the platform and over 1000 Scripts on 6 servers seamlessly integrated with Cirrus. The fact that we can do this and we can add more at any time gives us a huge advantage over our competitors.”

The team at Woven (previously Yonder)

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The power of flexibility and scalability is in the cloud

As well as being born from the cloud, Cirrus is one of the most open platforms around. It’s designed to work alongside what you already have. We complement your existing technology and seamlessly connect to your CRM and other business applications.

Elasticity & scalability are also key. Being a CCaaS solution means you can scale the number of users, as well as add channels and functionality as required. It’s very easy to do!

Want to start interacting over a new channel? – just switch it on. Need more licences to cope with a peak in demand? We’ve got you covered.

Gain competitive advantage

Cirrus can help you deliver immediate impact by spinning up new clients quickly and avoiding time-intensive set ups because we’re on the cloud. As a result, the stability of our network means no downtime for your clients. We guarantee an uptime of 99.999% and a sixty second restore to service.

Providing a seamless customer service experience for your clients is a way to set yourself apart from the competition. Your clients customers want to engage with you in different ways; so why stop them? Our cloud contact centre solution is able to support virtually any channel, with the ability to choose which ones to offer and when.

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Take your contact centre to the next level

Cirrus Contact Centre is not only built by us, but also by our users. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. Why not get in touch and find out how Cirrus can help your business?