Contact centres work best when they are part of a team

That’s why Cirrus delivers all our contact centre capabilities embedded within Microsoft Teams.

A powerful combination

So, what makes a great contact centre? Is it systems that are intuitive to use, or when they are seamlessly connected to the whole organisation?

We believe it’s both and deliver this as a powerful combination. Our award-winning contact centre is fully embedded within Microsoft Teams. Your agents are empowered in a familiar environment, able to collaborate with the entire organisation, and deliver even better customer experiences.

Cirrus Contact Centre for Microsoft Teams at a glance:

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Every channel

Voice, SMS, chat, email, social media and many more are all handled within the same browser window all in Teams.

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Traffic in Microsoft teams

Calls are handled directly through the Teams interface meaning that agents experience the same workflow, regardless of where and how they take calls.

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Presence integration

Presence is managed by the Teams application, and the agent will not receive back office calls whilst on a Contact Centre call.

Super-charging Microsoft teams for your contact centre

Support any channel: voice, SMS, chat, email, social media and many more. Smartly routing interactions to agents, predicting customer needs and connecting them with the right agent. And then we go even further enabling you to embrace intelligent self-service to complement your agents.

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Single intuitive & virtual environment

You want agents to focus on the customer, not the system they are using.
With Cirrus you get power without complexity.

All the capabilities your agents need seamlessly embedded in the familiar and intuitive environment of Microsoft Teams. And this makes your contact centre truly virtual, whether agents are in your centre, remote, or at home, if they can connect to Teams, they can use Cirrus.

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“Cirrus’ Contact Centre for Microsoft Teams solution has been an effective solution for our contact centre agents. The application was so intuitive they were proficient in no time. And, crucially, the solution has enabled us to embrace hybrid working, allowing our staff to work from home or the office. It even accommodates for visually impaired users and meets our accessibility needs.”

Michelle Hones, Senior Business Analyst

Simplifying collaboration within Microsoft teams

Your agents are brilliant, but they sometimes need to seek help.

When your contact centre is embedded in the market-leading collaboration platform, this becomes easy. They have access to the company-wide directory, they can see who is available and simply speak to or instant message the right expert. This means more customer queries are answered first time – a win for productivity and also a major win for customers.

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Real-time visibility & insights

Without visibility, you can’t manage, learn or improve. Not only do we provide you with visibility, but we also make it accessible and intuitive.

Within Teams you can see what is happening now in your contact centre, you gain insights into trends and what’s more, you gain intelligence into your customers, their behaviour and the experience you are delivering.

When insights are accessible in real-time and intuitive to understand, you immediately gain the agility you need to deliver the best possible service.

Ready to take your technology and contact centre to the next level?

Cirrus contact centre is not only built by us, but also by our users. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. Why not get in touch and find out how Cirrus can help your business?