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Conversation analytics extracts insights from 100% of interactions to drive better experiences and performance.

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Unlock your customers’ voice with Conversation Analytics

Conversation analytics from Cirrus lets you analyse 100% of agent-customer interactions and turn them into searchable, useful data. Our AI-powered solutions use automatic speech recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning to take in audio, video, and text conversations.  It then transcribes, categorises, and structures the content to pull out key insights like identifying strengths, weaknesses, and training gaps at both individual and organisation-wide levels.

Why Cirrus Conversation Analytics Matters

Conversation Analytics allows organisations to decode sentiment, intents, and trends in real-time to pinpoint issues, identify growth opportunities, and predict future outcomes. These insights transform contact centres into proactive intelligence hubs for the business. By easily surfacing hidden insights from 100% of customer interactions across channels, Conversation Analytics reveals the real drivers behind behaviours and decisions. Contact centres can use this intelligence to refine processes, train staff, personalise service, and build customer trust. They boost first-call resolution, reduce transfers, and prevent escalations by understanding and responding to customer needs early.

Cirrus offers this omni-channel analytics solution natively on our platform. Discover how 100% visibility will unlock the hidden potential of your contact centre.

Key features of Conversation Analytics

Cirrus Conversation Analytics is natively available and integrates with your existing systems to automatically convert 100% of customer calls into searchable, actionable data.

Intent analysis

Find out why your customers are contacting you. Advanced NLP and machine learning automatically analyse 100% of conversations to uncover spoken and unspoken intent and surface actionable insights.

  • Improve self-service and IVR options to automate repetitive, low-value interactions
  • Understand the main reasons why customers are contacting you
  • Uncover unmet customer enquiries by analysing underlying intent.
  • Drive targeted training and coaching based on real customer needs
  • Respond better and faster to what customers want

Automated scorecards

Agent feedback has become a whole lot easier with automated quality monitoring and performance evaluation. Generate customisable scorecards based on 100% of interactions and get a complete full view of agent skills, compliance, and CX impact.

  • Fair, data-driven agent feedback based
  • Free up supervisors to focus on targeted coaching and development.
  • Consistent training across the organisation
  • Continuously improve CX with automated trend identification
  • Uphold brand standards and compliance.

Advanced Search

Find conversations using many filters and tools to customise what you see. Get the data you need from speech analytics, metadata, evaluation frameworks, and export options for easy analysis.

  • Search and assess conversations quickly
  • Filter by sentiment, keywords, scores, tags and more
  • Schedule automatic reports
  • Find training gaps in searches
  • Tailor data exports for analysis

Real-Time Sentiment Analysis

Detect and analyse sentiment triggers as conversations unfold. Supervisors can step in when required and coach agents on emotional intelligence.

  • Pinpoint exactly when conversations go off track
  • Understand customers’ and agents’ emotions in real-time
  • Identify which actions or words affect sentiment
  • Step in before issues escalate
  • Use best practices from positive conversations as examples

Customer journey analytics

Visualise every customer touchpoint on a map to spot friction and improvement opportunities more easily.

  • View each touchpoint’s role and impact on customer decisions
  • See why and how changes impact customers
  • Find the easiest path to meet customer needs
  • Simplify and personalise customer engagements
  • Use real data to to prioritise your CX investments

Benefits of choosing Cirrus Conversation Analytics

100% Interaction Analysis
Modern speech analytics collects, processes, and analyses the data present in 100% of customer conversations.
Real-time Sentiment Tracking
Monitor sentiment changes throughout calls to understand feelings and responses.
Automated Intent and Category Detection
Machine learning accurately detects patterns to categorise interactions and reveal customer intents.
Omni-channel Data Unification
Unify insights from voice, chat, email, and other channels into customisable reports.
Customised Evaluation Scorecards
Build targeted scorecards aligned to your requirements and objectives for consistent, objective agent evaluation.
Intuitive Data Visualisations
Intuitive dashboards transform volumes of conversation data into clear, actionable business intelligence.
Cost and Efficiency Improvements
Eliminate process waste and hidden inefficiencies with a streamlined quality management process. Advanced analytics and automation free up resources to focus on critical priorities.
Root Cause and Intent Analysis
Uncover underlying causes of repeat calls and customer dissatisfaction by analysing patterns in customer journeys and exposing true intents.
Enhanced Agent Performance and Coaching
Comprehensive analytics provide visibility into 100% of interactions to accurately evaluate agent skills. Targeted feedback and coaching opportunities then optimise skills.

Unlock the voice of your customer with Cirrus’ Conversation Analytics

Redefine customer engagement powered by conversational intelligence from Cirrus’ Conversation Analytics. Decode the signals in every interaction to strengthen loyalty and make better data-driven decisions.

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