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Inside Cirrus: A Guide to Cirrus’ Market-Leading Outbound Dialler

When you think of outbound contact centres, telemarketing springs to mind. But the scope goes far beyond that – these centres are vital for strategic communications like customer service, proactive outreach, and crisis management. The technology powering them is key to engaging customers effectively and driving business success.

Here are a few statistics highlighting the impact of effective outbound dialling systems:

  • Businesses using automated dialling typically see a 200-300% increase in contact rates.
  • 62% of marketers say their organisation’s outbound marketing efforts are effective.
  • Automated systems can decrease idle time for agents by up to 75%, maximising operational efficiency.

At Cirrus, our outbound dialler is designed to meet the rapidly evolving needs of modern customer engagement. As industries change and reaching customers get more complex, we lead the way with solutions tailored to today’s fast-paced reality. Let’s explore how our dialler works and the benefits it offers businesses across sectors.

The Dialling Powerhouse

Imagine a healthcare provider needing to remind thousands of patients about upcoming appointments and medication refills. Or an e-commerce company looking to reach out to customers about a hot new product line. Doing this manually is incredibly time-consuming and inefficient.

This is where an outbound dialler makes all the difference. Cirrus offers three tailored dialling systems to manage a high volume of calls, connecting answered lines directly to available agents. This allows businesses to reach a vastly higher number of customers in a fraction of the time compared to manual dialling.

Each type of outbound dialler serves a specific operational need:

Manual Dialler: Agents select customer records manually and initiate calls themselves. An agent manually dials numbers from a call list, one after another, and each dialled record is preassigned to a specific agent

Preview Dialler: This is best suited for sensitive or complex calls where agents benefit from reviewing customer details, like name and account history, before connecting. Agents can signal when they are ready for the next call, offering time for brief preparation between calls. It emphasises quality conversations, suitable for in-depth customer service or detailed product explanations.

Progressive Dialler: Designed for speed, this dialler connects calls as soon as agents become available and displays customer information simultaneously. It’s perfect for high-volume sales environments or straightforward customer follow-ups.

But it’s about more than just speed and volume. Our dialler is intelligent, optimising calling cadences and agent availability. If an agent is still wrapping up a previous call, the system won’t assign them a new one until they’re ready, preventing rushed or missed connections.

Powering Precision and Personalisation

While automation is key, humans still play a crucial role – and Cirrus ensures agents have what they need for productive, personalised interactions every time.

Say a financial firm is cross-selling investment products. With our preview dialler mode, agents get a comprehensive customer profile and discussion points populated automatically before each call. They can then have natural, tailored conversations guided by relevant details like account history and potential interests.

This balanced approach ensures consistently excellent customer experiences, whether for quick transactional calls or more consultative, high-value dialogues.

The Connected Experience

What makes Cirrus’ outbound solution so powerful is its deep integration across internal systems and channels. Customer data flows seamlessly between our dialler and platforms like CRMs, contact centres, and marketing automation tools.

Unparalleled Campaign Management

The Outbound Campaign Management is an integral part of the Cirrus platform, designed to seamlessly manage various dialling campaigns—manual, preview, and progressive. Its integration with CRM systems and customisable call reasons enhance operational effectiveness, ensuring each campaign is as strategic as it is compliant.

An insurance company managing policy renewals, for example, can have comprehensive customer histories alongside tailored callout reasons pulled straight from their CRM into the dialler. Agents get full context instantly, without switching systems.

Streamlined Campaign Creation

But we go beyond just voice. Our dialler enables true omni-channel outreach by automatically triggering SMS, email, and other digital follow-ups based on the voice interactions. A telecom company could have follow-up upgrade offers sent automatically after successful discovery calls. Setting up a campaign is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring that your campaigns always target the right audience with the most relevant messaging.

Strategic Scheduling and Execution

Flexibility in scheduling and comprehensive control over campaign execution are key features. The platform allows for meticulous planning and real-time adjustments, ensuring your campaigns run smoothly and efficiently. This unified experience creates cohesive, impactful campaigns that reinforce messages and maximise results. The customer feels your brand’s unified presence at every stage.

Compliant and Continually Optimising

In addition to integration, Cirrus prioritises meticulous adherence to compliance requirements like GDPR. Our diallers are built with stringent consent management and calling regulations in mind from the ground up.

Automatically suppress any contacts who’ve opted out of communications. Implementing calling rules based on location and other factors can also be enforced systematically. This removes the compliance guesswork and risks.

But we don’t stop there. Cirrus’ outbound management solution provides rich performance analytics that allow you to continually optimise your campaigns and finetune strategies over time. Metrics like agent productivity, call outcomes, best times to call, and audience segment performance are all easily accessible.

Accelerating Your Outreach Today

In our digital, crowded world, strategic and effective customer outreach is more crucial than ever for businesses. Cirrus’ outbound solution is purpose-built to empower productive, personalised outreach at scale.

By intelligently automating tasks and integrating seamlessly across your systems, our dialler allows you to rapidly reach more customers while maintaining a high-touch, tailored experience. Powerful compliance controls and optimisation insights complete the package, ensuring your campaigns don’t just perform, but continually improve over time.

Whether you’re a smaller business looking to accelerate sales cycles or an enterprise needing to streamline service communications across multiple channels, Cirrus is the outbound management solution you need. Reach out today and let us help you transform your customer conversations.