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Transform your contact centre with extra digital channels

Digital Transformation – Instantly Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction

Many Contact Centre’s are seeing a digital channel shift. Customers are demanding more channels and even quicker responses. To stay ahead of the competition and meet customer expectations, Contact Centre’s must deliver more channels, but traditional call patterns have changed so there is no way to forecast likely demand. This is putting the Voice channel, and the overall contact centre, under pressure.

How Cirrus Omni-channels and the Cirrus Super Inbox can help.

We all know that Voice is the preferred method of communication for the majority of people. However, digital channels can make a significant difference. Email, Live Webchat, Apps and SMS all consistently perform higher than Voice when it comes to customer satisfaction. Offering digital channels increases retention, marketing awareness, early stage sales development and boosts post sales customer service. The case for introducing digital channels is compelling!

Cirrus Omni can insert SMS capability within the voice channel through the IVR, or via a widget on the website, which gives customers the option to contact the organisation via alternative channels to voice such as; SMS, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram or Live Webchat.

The Cirrus Super Inbox provides agents with a single view of all in-coming, unassigned interactions, from any channel. It is so intuitive and easy to use that agents are able to quickly upskill to digital channels, handling multiple conversations concurrently, easing the pressure on voice.

Contact Centre supervisors get real time dashboards, so they can see exactly how the different channels and their agents are performing.

Because the Cirrus Omni Channel solution is all part of the same platform, contact centre’s only needs to update information once and it is instantly available across all channels. All agents are able to answer questions from any channel via the Cirrus Super Inbox, reducing the pressure on voice, and reducing the requirement to accurately predict call patterns.

Cirrus Omni Channel Solution:

  • Available as an overlay with no requirement to rip and replace
  • Geographically agnostic – so it works as well for people working from home as for those in a central contact centre location
  • Easy adoption – Agents are up to speed and effective quickly with minimal training.

To find out more, watch our 10 minutes on demand Webinar or alternatively request a demo.