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Digital transformation – being in the place where your customers live

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change” – Charles Darwin

Meet Joe

Joe works in a busy contact centre in a small team handling webchat and social media communications, as well as the company’s knowledgebase, which they keep up to date with the FAQs. Until recently, Joe was able to share updates with colleagues to keep them informed of customer interactions that weren’t voice calls. Now Joe is at home running the digital team remotely – but he and his team are under pressure. With more calls to customer services and long wait times, customers are turning to Twitter, Facebook Messenger and Webchat to get their questions answered.

The last three months have propelled Joe’s contact centre into the digital world.

But if a customer calls and uses webchat or Twitter, with no connected systems Joe and his team don’t know the story so far and can’t always resolve the query. The result? Poor service levels and unhappy customers.

What does Joe need to go digital?

Change is necessary. Joe recognises that to manage customer expectations and continue to provide great customer service, they needed to embrace and connect the digital channels as an integral part of the contact centre operations, not just a ‘make do’.

He wants:

  •  A single view of the customer that every agent can see each time a customer contacts them via Twitter, Facebook Messenger, email or calls
  • A way for customers to be able to switch from a call when queue times are busy, to SMS, Facebook Messenger, Twitter or Webchat
  • One central knowledgebase that allows FAQs, policies and procedures to be easily updated and shared
  • All agents to have access to the same information and tools so that they can manage multiple customer interactions at the same time, whatever the channel.

Going digital can make a significant difference to Joe and his team. Overall service levels can be improved with reduced wait time and faster resolution. Joe and his team can meet the new demand from customers that prefer to use social media to contact them. And with access to the same information, they can deliver a joined-up service.

Helping you start on the digital path

At Cirrus we can help companies like Joe’s start on the path to embracing digital channels. You don’t have to change everything overnight – our flexible options provide a practical, simple way forward:

  • Is available as an overlay – a modular approach means no rip and replace. Take the channels you need now, whether that be SMS, WhatsApp, Voice, Webchat etc. Add channels as and when you need them.
  • Channel shift feature– : Easing traffic from a channel which is congested and shifting to a more resource-efficient one which enables agents to handle multiple conversations. This can be achieved via a widget on your website or via your IVR.
  • Agents can work from anywhere– Cirrus is a cloud-based solution that enables agents to work seamlessly from any location, whether that be from home, at the office, or both.

Joe’s team is ready to make the change – find out how you can start your digital transformation by requesting a demo.