Workforce management

Empowerment for today’s workforce

Managing your team, meeting your SLA’s, improving agent engagement.

Built for the contact centres of today

Why spend hours managing your employees when you could spend that time focusing on other aspects of your business? With workforce management, you’ll always have just the right people with the right skills to meet your customer’s needs. It’s easy when you know how. From exceeding expectations and increasing efficiency to reducing costs, all of these things are achievable with accurate forecasting and planning.

Make the most of WFM

Increasing efficiency

Forecast, schedule, roster and manage your workforce in real time.

Empower agents

With self-service technology, agents can be more flexible and in control of their time.

Reduce costs

Have the right agents available at the right time to service customers without overstaffing.

WFM integration for omni channel

It’s not uncommon for voice to be the only channel integrated to WFM and the rest is planned and based on assumption. Unlike other workforce management integrations, we can identify periods of agent availability and provide a task-by-task picture rather than just assuming agents are productive in busy codes.

Nowadays, an enquiry can hit many different digital channels and agents, that’s why we use workstreams. A workstream represents a complete customer enquiry / transaction from initiation through to completion and looks at how much work is associated with that one contact.

We capture all of that information to allow full forecasting of effort so you can staff appropriately even across various teams and resources. Staffing requirements are broken up based on the multiple handle times associated with a workstream.


Incorporate any number of KPIs, business requirements, grade of service agreements, and goals to create the most efficient schedule.


Accept data in real time and use self adjusting algorithms to automatically and continuously increase forecast accuracy.

Intraday Management

Monitor adherence in real time and provide alerts when adherence falls below acceptable thresholds.


Shift Start Compliance, Workstreams, Tasks, Adherence, Occupancy, Volume, Service Levels, & more.

Seeing is believing

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