Friendly, intuitive Voice Assistants

Natural language processing. Let your Voice Assistant pick up the phone to listen and engage callers with natural, friendly conversations that impress.

Voice-powered conversations

Cirrus uses the same Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology that powers Amazon Alexa to emulate natural human conversations for fast, effective self service. No more queues. No more navigating menus. Provide callers with accurate, instant answers around-the-clock, without the help of a live agent.

Our NPL service so much more than an IVR. It listens and asks questions, provides answers, updates information and, if necessary, transfers callers to the right person. It does this accurately and at incredible scale, which means your contact centre can improve speed and quality without the cost.

Experience the benefits of voice automation

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First contact resolution

Answer immediately and resolve enquiries quickly and accurately with zero hold-time. Better service and experience.

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Reduce costs

Automate routine requests at a much lower cost, and handle unlimited conversations simultaneously.

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Customer satisfaction

Customers have access to services and support 24/7.

Increasing, workforce management

Improved productivity

Customers can self-serve routine requests so your agents are free to focus on higher-value or complex interactions.

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Say Hello to brilliant service

Cirrus’ NPL service is great for boosting productivity and efficiency by helping with a bunch of tasks and interactions.

Take traditional voice prompts and old-school menus off the table. Bring the same level of service that you provide on other text self service channels like live chat or email to your automated phone support. Handle an unlimited number of personalised conversations simultaneously with your customers without delay.

Automate routine requests like password resets, order checking, pre qualification, balances, transfers, & scheduling to reduce human intervention meaning you can serve more customers and agents can focus on higher-value interactions.

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Self Service

Customers can get quick answers 24/7 without having to talk to a live agent.

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Seamless transfer

Provide agents with all interaction history when agent intervention is required.

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PCI Compliant

Enable customers to make automated payments 24/7 securely through our voice bot.

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Easy integrations

Our APIs ensure your voice assistant can easily access data from your other systems and provide responses to your customers.

Take your contact centre to the next level

Cirrus Contact Centre is not only built by us, but also by our users. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. Why not get in touch and find out how Cirrus can help your business?