Be as wise as an owl with conversational analytics

Conversational analytics that automatically capture every call, email and social message, so that you can understand the true voice of your customers and your team.

Data you need to power every conversation

Companies often monitor less than 2% of customer interactions and even that requires a huge investment in time and labour. But without this information, management are in the dark when in comes to the nature of conversations your customers are engaging in.

With Cirrus’ conversation analytics platform it’s easy to turn insights into transformational business change.

Why conversation analytics?

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Retain customers

Gauge customer satisfaction and uncover drivers of sentiment to provide insights and reduce churn.

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Empower agents

Guide and support agents to deliver consistent and efficient quality management on text and audio conversations.

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Improve efficiency

Understand what’s driving hold time, handle time, call silence, etc to build more efficient teams and processes.

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Smarter working in every customer contact

Discover what’s going on at the heart of your contact centre. Cirrus’ AI powered conversation analytics platform transforms vast volumes of audio and text data from across your organisation into actionable insight.

Analyse customer conversations across all channels, all in one place. Track performance and emotion over the whole customer journey.

Take advantage of our role based dashboards, automated performance scoring and the ability for your agents to view their own metrics.

By understanding customer and agent interactions, you can identify coaching moments, promote improvement, enhance CX, optimise agent performance and reduce agent churn.

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Mitigate compliance risk

Redacts both audio and transcripts to support compliance at every step of the customer interaction.

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Automate quality assurance

Conversations are monitored for at-risk interactions and supervisors are alerted to step in for rapid course correction.

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Identify patterns and areas of opportunity post call or in real-time to automatically alert, guide, and score agents.

Seeing is believing

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