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The CX benefits of a single pane-of-glass (SPoG)

As your organisation grows, so does the complexity of your systems—software apps, databases, cloud services, you name it. Suddenly, you’re swimming in a sea of data. Each system, while brilliant on its own, contributes to a vast datascape that’s tough to manage. But here’s a game-changer: the “single pane of glass” (SPoG) strategy. It’s like having a magic lens that brings the entire digital landscape into focus. Let’s dive into how SPoG can seriously boost your customer experience. We’ll explain what “single pane of glass” means and how organisations can benefit in terms of customer experience by using this type of system. In this article, we will look into the customer experience advantages of adopting a unified interface approach.

What does “single pane of glass” mean?

“Single pane of glass” is a concept that comes from the IT industry. It refers to a tool that consolidates data from various sources or platforms—such as the software, databases, and applications we’ve talked about—and displays it all in one integrated dashboard.

Without this unified approach, trying to understand your data is like using eyeglasses belonging to several people, each with a unique prescription. Although you’re looking at the same scene, it looks slightly different through each set of lenses. In this analogy, the “lenses” represent our various systems. A single pane of glass, however, provides everyone with the same ideal set of “lenses” to view information.

While it’s a term that originally emerged in IT, the single pane of glass strategy can significantly enhance customer service, easing challenges for both contact centre agents and customers.

What are the customer experience (CX) advantages of using a single pane of glass?

Streamlined Interfaces

Enhancing the agent experience directly contributes to improving the customer experience, and a single pane of glass significantly simplifies an agent’s workflow. This approach provides a centralised dashboard that aggregates data from multiple sources into a user-friendly interface. This setup enables agents to find and utilise the information they need easily. The dashboard can be tailored to suit an individual or organisation’s specific requirements and preferences, including customisable fields, automated reporting, and more. Agents no longer need to navigate multiple screens or juggle various programs, as they have a unified view of customer data, communication, and internal notes, simplifying their tasks.

Consistent Customer Experience

Inconsistent customer experience can be more damaging than consistently poor ones. Experiencing excellent service one day and poor service the next amplifies disappointment and undermines future confidence in a brand. A single pane of glass ensures that everyone in a department or organisation has access to the same information, eliminating inconsistencies and hidden data due to system disparities. This consistency in service enables management to establish clear expectations and remove the guesswork for agents. Research indicates that consistency across the customer journey is a key indicator of customer satisfaction and loyalty. For instance, a study on banking services revealed that brands with lower performance exhibited greater variability in customer experiences across different branches.

Streamlined Automation

Automation boosts productivity and saves resources. However, attempting to automate when dealing with isolated systems is like navigating a ship with a crew that speaks various languages. While possible, it’s highly challenging and impractical, where facilitating communication might become a bigger task than the navigation itself. A unified data environment, provided by a single pane of glass, amplifies the power of your data, enabling the creation of automated workflows that streamline processes, reduce errors, and save time.

Enhanced Analytics

Analysing data from disparate sources can be confusing, making it hard to understand how different pieces of information relate to or draw meaningful insights. Data may be categorised differently or measured with different standards, complicating any attempt to merge or compare it. By standardising data presentation, a single pane of glass allows for straightforward comparisons and analysis. This clarity makes it easier to spot trends, understand relationships, and make informed strategic decisions.

With a more comprehensive and accessible view of data, the single pane of glass approach significantly enhances how data is utilised, leading to more effective, efficient, and practical customer interactions. This results in increased customer satisfaction and highlights the benefits of adopting a unified data management strategy for the customer experience.

Industries Utilising SPoG Dashboards in Contact Centres

Healthcare, retail, and e-commerce are among the diverse sectors using SPoG dashboards to improve customer service outcomes. These dashboards centralise critical contact centre data, enabling agents to access necessary information swiftly and efficiently. The benefits are tangible: reduced call abandonment rates, decreased average handling times, and increased customer satisfaction.

Telecommunications, banking and financial services, insurance, and hospitality are also prominently utilise SPoG dashboards to elevate their customer service efforts. The widespread adoption of SPoG dashboards across various industries can be attributed to their effectiveness in improving service delivery.

Microsoft reports that, on average, 49% of consumers use three to five different communication channels to reach out to customer service. Providing agents with a unified view of customer interactions is essential in this context. The shift towards omni-channel customer service strategies further emphasises the growing reliance on SPoG dashboards across industries to offer superior customer experiences.

Why Are Single Pane of Glass (SPoG) Dashboards Widely Adopted Across Industries?

The adoption of Single Pane of Glass (SPoG) dashboards is widespread for several compelling reasons, with the three most significant being:

Enhanced Customer Service Quality

SPoG dashboards consolidate all necessary information in one location, enabling agents to deliver superior customer service. This accessibility allows agents to swiftly provide the answers customers seek, reducing call abandonment rates and shortening average call durations.

Increased Efficiency

With all relevant data at their fingertips, agents can operate more efficiently. The elimination of the need to navigate through multiple systems to find information boosts agent productivity and reduces operational costs.

Improved Decision-Making

A unified data view allows managers to pinpoint issues and devise solutions quickly. They can monitor agent performance more effectively and identify areas where training may be required. This leads to better decision-making capabilities and fosters an environment of continuous improvement.


The Single Pane of Glass (SPoG) approach offers many benefits across various industries, particularly in enhancing the operations of contact centres. By integrating disparate systems into a unified dashboard, SPoG simplifies agents’ workflows, ensuring they have immediate access to all necessary information. This streamlined access not only boosts agent efficiency and productivity but also significantly improves the quality of customer service. Consistent and personalised customer experiences become the norm, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Furthermore, SPoG dashboards facilitate more effective automation and analytics, enabling contact centres to optimise operations and make data-driven decisions with ease. The adaptability of SPoG to various sectors—from healthcare to telecommunications—highlights its effectiveness in addressing the complex challenges of today’s customer service landscape. By adopting a single pane of glass, organisations can look forward to a future where data complexity is managed with simplicity and precision, driving better outcomes for both customers and agents alike.

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