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5 Steps to Increase AX and Performance with QM

5 Steps to Increase AX and Performance with QM

It’s a challenge to keep contact centre agents motivated and equipped to deliver great service, especially with remote teams. Quality management (QM) software provides helpful tools for engaging agents through personalised coaching plans, contextualized feedback, and fair performance evaluations.

Download our tip sheet for 5 Steps to Keep Contact Centre Agents Engaged and Continuously Developing

  1. Customised Coaching Plans: Meet one-on-one to understand each agent’s goals, strengths and opportunities.
  2. Fair, Transparent Reviews: Only score on things the agent directly controls like professionalism, adhering to processes, and communication skills.
  3. Feedback with Context: Link feedback to recordings of the agent’s actual interactions so they can self-identify areas to improve.
  4. Collaborative Process: Let agents review their own calls and provide input on scoring.
  5. Measure Results: Track if training and coaching lead to better scores over time.

Increase Agent Engagement and Reduce Turnover

QM software helps engage remote contact centre teams through personalised development and fair evaluations tied to their actual performance. Download the full “5 Steps” tip sheet.

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