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Celebrating Contact Centre Heroes!

Customer service agents are the backbone of any successful business. They work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, their efforts often go unrecognised as they deal with challenging enquiries and demanding customers on a daily basis.

This is exactly why we launched Cirrus’ Contact Centre Heroes campaign for our clients, spotlighting exceptional agents who positively impact customer experiences. Through this initiative, we celebrate and showcase agents who consistently go above and beyond, expertly handling customer queries with perseverance and positivity.

How can we get involved?

We need your help to uncover and celebrate the many heroes that work or volunteer in contact centres throughout the UK. To achieve this, we are asking you, our clients, to nominate your heroes, so that we can mark their contribution with a gift and share their story on social media – using the hashtag #ContactCentreHeroes – to give them the recognition and appreciation that they so rightly deserve.

Therefore, if you have a deserving person in mind that ticks one (or more!) of these criteria and uses our contact centre solution, then we’d love to hear from you:

  • An agent who has overcome a personal challenge to continue working
  • An agent who has shown great resilience and compassion for others
  • An agent who has been an inspiration and support anchor for their colleagues
  • An agent who has delivered exceptional customer service and has gone above and beyond for customers

To nominate, simply fill out this form.

What will Cirrus do?

Tell us what your nominated hero would like, and we will send them a gift – hampers, cases of wine, craft beer and gift sets are popular – but the choice is yours.

Next, and most importantly, we would like to feature them in our social media campaign to profile why the individual is being recognised as your contact centre hero, alongside a photo of them, across LinkedIn and Twitter using the hashtag #ContactCentreHeroes.

They will also feature on our website and we would love to help with any internal promotion you would like to do to celebrate their award and achievement.

This campaign means the world to us. We have been championing agents for many years and this is our way of giving them the credit that they deserve. We hope that many of you are eager to get involved to help us champion these worthy individuals. Many of our employees have either worked in or managed a contact centre, so we can relate to the pressures you face, and the vital human role your agents play in making your contact centre successful.

We are proud to celebrate the amazing people working across the nation to provide standout customer service within the contact centre community!


Blog written by Nikki de Kretser; General Manager at Cirrus