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Meet Cirrus Copilot – The AI brains behind our contact centre platform

Cirrus Copilot is the ultimate AI sidekick for your customer service team. It handles the small stuff so your agents can focus on the big picture. This super-smart assistant is always on, ensuring your customers feel heard and helped at any time of day or night. Meanwhile, your team leaders get everything they need to keep the contact centre running smoothly.

Cirrus Copilot fits right into your team’s flow, handling each chat just right. The result? Things run more efficiently, your team does more without working harder, and your customers build stronger connections with your brand. It’s all about making everyone happier while taking your service to the next level.

Cirrus Copilot is constantly learning and adapting to meet the needs of different stakeholders in customer service. Here are the specific advantages it brings:

Creates Superhero Agents

With an on-demand knowledge base and support system, Cirrus Copilot assists in real-time during customer interactions. This empowers agents to provide accurate, consistent answers and personalised service, boosting their confidence and efficiency.

Summarises Calls

Imagine finishing a long call and having Cirrus Copilot provide a summary of what was discussed. Agents can review the draft, make tweaks if needed, and quickly move on. Cirrus Copilot takes notes in real-time, ensuring no details slip through the cracks.

Automates Workflows

When agents mention specific product issues on calls, Cirrus Copilot can automatically create tickets, send notifications, or trigger campaigns without effort. It handles tasks and tracks everything correctly behind the scenes, so agents don’t have to.

Handles Simple Inquiries

When basic questions come in, like “What’s my balance?” or “How do I reset my password?” Cirrus Copilot handles them with conversational AI, or CAI. This allows agents to focus on complex issues, knowing conversations get seamlessly transferred back if a human touch is needed.

Provides Helpful Pointers

If an agent is stuck on a tricky problem, Cirrus Copilot can suggest relevant articles or alert them about widespread issues. It assists agents in solving problems faster and impressing customers with quick thinking.

Transcribes Calls

Agents can talk to customers while Cirrus Copilot transcribes their words in real-time, ensuring no details are missed. With this instant transcript, agents can fully focus on the conversation while having all the context needed to provide effective solutions immediately.

Cirrus Copilot doesn’t just make the job easier; it transforms customer service delivery, optimising every interaction.

Excels at Customer Service

Everyday customer conversations become opportunities to strengthen brand relationships. Cirrus Copilot delivers service that not only answers questions but anticipates needs, fostering happy, loyal customers.

Provides Quick Answers

If a customer needs to know late at night whether their order shipped, Cirrus Copilot instantly answers without them having to wait.

Has Natural Conversations

When a frustrated customer is confused about using a service, Cirrus Copilot engages in such a smooth, human-like conversation that they feel understood. If things get complex, it seamlessly brings in a human agent.

Makes Smart Suggestions

When a customer browses a website wondering about better options, Cirrus Copilot proactively recommends something tailored to their needs. It’s like having a personal shopper for customer service.

By enhancing these touchpoints, Cirrus Copilot is committed to exceptional service, impressing and engaging customers.

Informs Managers

In action, Cirrus Copilot enhances decision-making and fine-tunes the art of managing and coaching teams. With data from every interaction, leaders gain invaluable insights to drive performance.

Provides Speech Insights

If a manager notices increased customer frustration about a service, speech insights from Cirrus Copilot reveal the root cause. This leads to targeted training where agents learn to address the issue and improve satisfaction properly.

Enables Real-Time Monitoring

During busy sales periods, real-time monitoring helps managers see at a glance how agents perform and where bottlenecks form. Instant alerts allow quick adjustments to ensure service doesn’t falter under pressure.

Facilitates Quality Checks

Managers can listen to calls automatically rated by Cirrus Copilot and pinpoint where agents excel or need improvement. This enables more effective, tailored coaching sessions focused on the skills each agent needs.

Makes Smart Coaching Recommendations

After reviewing data, Cirrus Copilot may suggest personalised training on persuasive communication for an underperforming agent. The tailored coaching then leads to noticeable performance gains.

Assists With Scheduling

If Cirrus Copilot anticipates a surge in inquiries around a product launch, it informs managers early so staffing can be proactively adjusted, keeping service standards high.

Cirrus Copilot drives continuous improvement by enabling leaders to understand teams and customers better while driving data-based decisions.

Discover how Cirrus Copilot can make your contact centre more efficient, customer-friendly, and intelligent. Visit to learn more and start your journey to exceptional service today!