Tea, Toast and Tucker – Voice Analytics – Let’s Talk

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Heard of the term Big Data? Contact centres create a LOT of it. This valuable information is the ‘voice’ of their customers, but most only look at 2% of it!

That’s because Big Data is impossible to review manually. And that’s where interaction and speech analytics comes in…

Watch the 3rd episode of Tea, Toast and Tucker where Andy is joined by Josh Averill, Speech Analytics expert from Awaken to show you:

  • Why contact centre managers are buying analytics.
  • Features and benefits – from agent performance to customer sentiment.
  • Analytics in action using real customer data.
  • PLUS! A tantalizing free trial offer to get your customers started with interaction analytics without cost or contract!

There is also a live Q and A with the Cirrus team at the end, where webinar attendees have asked us all the questions they are getting from their customers.

Tea, Toast and Tucker is a series of breakfast sessions that covers key trends and challenges contact centres are currently facing.

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