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Social media customer service: Going beyond the ‘Like’ button

Social media customer service has exploded. Research shows that around 60% of consumers now use social media for customer service needs. But are contact centres keeping up?

Social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have become indispensable for contact centres looking to deliver exceptional experiences. Here are 5 compelling reasons why your contact centre needs to up its social media game:

Reach Customers Where It’s Convenient

Your customers are already on social media – chatting with friends, researching products, and sharing brand experiences. By providing stellar social customer service, you can conveniently meet them right where they’re hanging out online.

According to ContactBabel’s report, 3.8% of contact centre interactions now happen via social media channels. Make sure your customers can get service through the channel they prefer.

Rapid Response Times Keep Customers Happy

Social media allows contact centres to respond almost instantly to questions, complaints and feedback. Data shows social media response time directly impacts customer satisfaction. With the right social media management tools, agents can handle multiple inquiries simultaneously for maximum efficiency.

The Public Eye Encourages Good Service

On social platforms, other customers can see how your brand communicates and provides support. This public visibility pressures contact centres to resolve issues quickly, empathetically and effectively. Your social media service shapes your brand reputation.

Get Proactive with Social Engagement

Proactive brands are using social for more than just responding to issues. Contact centres can share helpful tips, post relevant content and answer common questions before customers ask. This kind of social engagement improves brand sentiment.

Tap Into Customer Insights and Feedback

The public conversations happening on social channels provide a wealth of customer insights contact centres can use. Monitoring social media allows you to stay on top of shifting customer perceptions, pain points and feature requests.


At Cirrus, we understand the unique challenges that social media presents for businesses, including the need to handle customer inquiries in a public forum and the difficulty of verifying customer identities. However, we believe that social media can be highly effective for customer service when handled correctly. Social media presents both opportunities and challenges for businesses seeking to engage with their customers. By leveraging the power of technology and analytics, and focusing on providing a seamless and responsive customer experience, companies can effectively manage their social media interactions and build stronger, more loyal customer relationships.

As social media evolves, contact centres must have the tools and strategies in place to turn social interactions into amazing customer experiences. Are you leveraging social’s potential? Reach out if you need help elevating your social customer service game!