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4 Tips to stay ahead in customer engagement with SMS

One of the most effective methods to engage your customers and boost customer engagement is through SMS marketing. With a staggering 98% open rate, SMS stands out as a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audiences. In the dynamic landscape of contact centres, grabbing your customers’ attention can be a daunting task, especially when people are constantly on the move. Emails can be easily deleted, and phone calls can be ignored. However, SMS presents a quick and effective way to capture their attention and encourage a prompt response. In this blog post, we will delve into four valuable tips on how SMS can help your agents increase customer engagement.

 1. Develop a list of opted-in subscribers

Using SMS as a channel for customer communication necessitates consent, and violating GDPR regulations can lead to hefty fines. To build a list of subscribers willing to receive SMS communication from your business, consider these strategies:

 a. Phone inquiries

When customers call your contact centre, your agents can ask them for permission to receive SMS updates on specific topics. This simple conversation can mark the customer’s consent in their account, ensuring compliance with regulations.

 b. Website sign-up forms

Integrate a sign-up form on your company website, explicitly asking visitors for permission to send SMS messages to their phone numbers. This method allows you to collect opt-ins and create a list for future SMS outreach campaigns. Ensuring that your SMS recipients have already consented to communication will mitigate risks and uphold a positive customer experience.

 2. Personalise every SMS interaction

Personalisation is key to boosting customer engagement through SMS. Generic messages may be mistaken for spam or ignored. To enhance engagement, consider these tips:

 a. Use customer names

Include the recipient’s name in your SMS messages to make interactions more personal and increase the chances of engagement. With the Cirrus CRM, agents can generate SMS messages directly from the platform, incorporating the customer’s name and other relevant information.

 b. Bulk SMS with dynamic fields

Leverage a bulk SMS tool integrated into the Cirrus platform, which can send out multiple personalised SMS messages simultaneously. Data from the Cirrus CRM can be used to populate dynamic fields, ensuring that each customer receives a customised message. This saves agents valuable time in their outreach efforts.

 3. Leverage AI-Powered SMS

AI-powered SMS is a game-changer for contact centres. AI bots can engage in text-based conversations, enhancing customer engagement and streamlining interactions. Here’s how AI-powered SMS can benefit your contact centre:

 a. Automated verification and assistance

When a customer sends a text message, an AI bot can swiftly complete the verification process and assess the customer’s needs. If necessary, the bot can seamlessly transfer the customer to a live agent via SMS, ensuring a smooth transition. This approach allows customers to communicate through their preferred channel and ensures they are routed to the right agent.

 b. Self-service options

AI-powered SMS enables customers to perform various self-service tasks. Instead of waiting on hold for a live agent, customers can obtain basic account information, make payments, or update their contact details by texting an AI bot. This convenience enhances the overall customer experience.

 4. Use SMS messaging for updates and promotions

Engage your customer base effectively by sending SMS messages that include enticing offers, such as coupons, discounts, or updates about upcoming sales and promotions. This strategy encourages customers to reach out to agents and inquire about the messages they receive. Agents can then focus on high-value conversations with customers who are already interested in their offerings, thus fostering positive relationships and customer retention.


To enhance customer engagement and provide a superior customer experience, contact centres must harness the power of SMS. By following these four tips, your agents can build rapport with customers, reflect positively on your company’s values, and drive business growth. Consider the comprehensive SMS tools and omni-channel platform offered by Cirrus contact centre solutions to maximise the benefits of SMS communication. To explore these features further, request a demo of Cirrus today!