Cirrus is seeking your contact centre heroes!

Are you a Cirrus client who wants to highlight the amazing work your agents have been doing during the pandemic? We recognise that, despite rightly being recognised as key workers, they are a group of people that haven’t had the spotlight shone on them during these troubling times, with your help, we would like to change that.

To find out more about our heroes campaign, read our blog here.

Do You Have Heroes In Your Contact Centre?


Meet Our Heroes!

Sophie McCann

“After working for the company for many years, Sophie has gained a great knowledge base which she is always happy to share with other agents and help them when needed which was invaluable whilst working through initial stages of the pandemic and over the last 12 months. Sophie is a highly motivated and reliable member of the team who is always happy to take on any extra challenges. She is also always happy to assist her peers and promotes an upbeat ‘can do’ attitude.”

Amy Doyle

“After joining the company in 2019, Amy has excelled in the Contact Centre working hard as an agent, especially through the pandemic producing great call stats whilst also maintaining fantastic customer service. Her ability to help and resolve customer and Partner issues did not go unnoticed and resulted in her successful application as a Senior agent in July 2020. She now works hard resolving customer complaints, deals with more complex queries, and helps with coaching whilst always looking for resolutions to improve our processes.”

Mandy Green

“Mandy always quickly adapts and responds positively to new ways of working and this was evident in utilising the new unified comms platform lunched late last year. Mandy always displays excellent empathy when speaking to customers and takes the time to ensure they fully understand the information she is providing to them. Mandy is excellent at adapting her style to customers own needs and has a friendly, soothing tone of voice. Mandy is also the first to offer to cover or swap any shifts during busier periods and displays all the right qualities required to make any interactions with customers and colleagues an enjoyable one.”

Abby Dorey &

Richard Barker

Both winners made a real difference throughout the pandemic. They adapted to home working extremely well and always made sure great customer service was at the forefront of everything they did. They continued to undertake and complete all required activities while taking a proactive lead in training and mentoring new members of staff.

Ellen Bergdahl

In this last year Ellen has seen the Online Community go through so many changes and she has been at the heart of all of them. She has seen it through the re-platforming a year ago which was complex, challenging and created a huge amount of work off the back of it, with the enhancements needing to be identified and worked through and developed, customer expectations needing to be managed, stakeholders needing to be managed, and not least of all, doing all of this with a brand new team.

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