Take the pressure off Voice by opening up your SMS channel

– And protect your brand into the bargain!

Here’s Ryan –Ryan works in marketing and he’s worried about his brand’s reputation. Customers are struggling to get the answers they need from the Contact center/Service Desk because it has been swamped with calls. The contact center agents are all working from home, so Ryan can’t saunter over to see what is happening. He sent a mass communication out to his customer base recently and he doesn’t know what response it has generated. His customers can’t respond to the SMS to ask questions and they can’t get through to the contact center to speak to someone either.

What Ryan needs is a way of turning mass SMS broadcasts into one-to-one dialogs that enable customers to communicate and add value to the brand. What the Contact center needs is something to reduce the number of voice calls so that they can deliver the great service that their customers have come to expect.

How Cirrus SMS Management can #HelpRyan

SMS is an extremely reliable means of communication. 95% of households have a mobile, all mobile phones can do SMS and because SMS uses GSM technology (rather than 4G, 3G or 2G), you get coverage even in notorious mobile black spots. What’s more, most people are likely read an SMS text within minutes of receiving it, and certainly by the end of the day.

Using SMS, Ryan can send 1000s of messages very cheaply, and he can even include links to more media rich info within the text. Using Cirrus SMS Management Ryan can not only send his marketing messages, but customers can respond directly to the messages. These responses generate a direct dialog enabling customers to have a one to one conversation – meaning, they don’t need to call the contact center. Used in this way, Cirrus Two Way SMS adds a valuable extra channel to the contact center.

All SMS conversations are handled in the same way as any other conversation, so Ryan can view his SMS Dashboard that is dynamic and near real time. He can see clearly:

  • No of SMSs coming in
  • No of responses and SMS conversations
  • Trends – what customers are asking about and how agents are responding
  •  Sales generated

The Contact Center benefits because:

  • Agents can manage concurrent conversations which saves time and reduces call queues
  • Short queues mean reduced wait times for customers
  • Supervisors can monitor engagement and agent productivity – even when everyone is working from home
  • SMS CSat surveys can be run easily and quickly giving feedback on customer sentiment

By opening up a new channel, or improving an existing one by making it more interactive, we can #HelpRyan to develop more effective and meaningful marketing campaigns, customers become more engaged with the brand, AND, call volumes to the Contact Center become more manageable – a win, win, win situation!

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