Cirrus is passionate about Corporate Social Responsibility and it’s a huge part of our culture. Cirrus actively promotes social action days where our employees are able to take one paid company day a year to volunteer and support a charity that is meaningful to us.  This is incredibly beneficial for our employees, giving them the opportunity to support causes they are passionate about and helping them to be engaged.

The Little Princess Trust

This is a charity that aims to provide free, real-hair wigs for children suffering hair loss due to medical treatments such as Chemotherapy. And as someone with long hair, this seemed like a golden opportunity to make a difference and take advantage of Cirrus’ ‘Social Action Days’.

“As well as donating my hair,  I also raised money through sponsorships from family and friends, so that the work of The Little Princess Trust can continue to improve the lives of children going through such a difficult time. The target was to raise at least £500 for the cause, and I’m pleased to say that to-date, we have raised a total of £660.00. It’s been truly overwhelming to see the support and encouragement from so many people, however, a special mention must be made to acknowledge the team at Cirrus who, through all their individual donations, contributed to more than 40% of the total money raised. What a wonderful reminder of the amazing things that can be achieved when we’re part of the right team” says Alexandra Fleming

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