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Designed by Contact Center People, for Contact Center People

Delivering The Experience Your Customers Deserve

There are two main factors that make our contact center applications unique. Firstly, they are designed by contact center people for contact center people, delivering the flexibility to do things your way and providing powerful functionality to transform your customer experience.

Secondly, our applications have been designed for the cloud which means complete scalability. We are affordable for the small contact center and we enable larger contact centers to refresh and upgrade their technology without major capital investment.

Cloud Contact Center

Whether your contact center is large or small, Cirrus Contact Center provides you with a complete, cloud-based solution that enables you to make a step change and deliver the experience your customers deserve.

As a pay-as-you-go service, there is no reason why you cannot gain the benefits of Cirrus today. You simply select the functionality you require and overlay our applications on your existing infrastructure to deliver immediate value.

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Contact Center Applications

Not ready to change your contact center platform, but have some gaps in capability or operational issues you need to address?

Every element of the Cirrus Contact Center platform can be delivered as a stand-alone application, seamlessly adding value to your existing platform. Whether you need Cloud Recording, IVR or Self-Service, WFM, Social Media, PCI Compliance or Comprehensive Reporting, we can deliver this as a cloud based pay-as-you-use service.

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Recording & Quality Monitoring

The most effective way of understanding the customer experience is to listen to the interactions that your contact center is having with your customers. Cirrus enables you to either record every call, (or those you feel are appropriate), and play these back to any device, in any location. Cirrus Recording & Quality Monitoring not only enables you to record calls, but also to gain a 360 perspective on your customer experience through both customer and agent feedback.

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Customer Self Service

Many enquiries from customers are more effectively handled through automated ‘self-service’. The customer can quickly access the information they need, and what is more, this service can be delivered 24×7.

Cirrus customer self-service provides one of the most comprehensive Voice Response (IVR) solutions available to contact centers. A range of pre-built functions and integration enables you to quickly define and configure an intuitive experience for your customers.

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Cirrus PCI Compliance

If you are taking payment card details from customers over the telephone, or any other communication channel,  you need to comply with PCI DSS guidelines.

Cirrus Link Pay+ provides organizations with an easy to deploy, fully PCI DSS compliant way to take payment card details from customers, leveraging the Cirrus cloud and without the need to make changes to existing systems or processes.

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Management Insight

Cirrus Management Insight provides contact center managers with the information they need to run their contact center, drive continuous improvement and deliver the experience that their customers deserve.

By capturing key information in the cloud, Cirrus provides unprecedented visibility on your contact center performance, not just tracking traditional call metrics, but relating these to both call outcomes and customer experience.

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Social Media

Customers love Social Media, they use it to share information about themselves, and more importantly about their experiences with organizations, both good and bad. If you are not engaging with your customers over social media, you are most definitely missing a trick.

Cirrus Social enables you to quickly and easily create a social media channel within your contact center, leveraging the industry’s leading social customer service platform from Cirrus, as a cloud-based solution.

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Our Product Components

Step 1

You have identified a business need.

Step 2

You select the Cirrus Application that meets this need.

Step 3

We deliver it from our Cloud onto your existing infrastructure.

Step 4

Your customers immediately see an improved experience.

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The Value Delivered

Rapid Deployment

Cirrus Contact Center Applications are already installed and available from the cloud. This enables our clients to rapidly deploy new capabilities into their contact center.

Reduced Risk & Management

Our applications are proven and provided as a fully managed service. You gain the value that the capabilities offer without the disruptive risk to your business or ongoing management overhead.

Reduce Cost

Through adding capabilities to their contact center from cloud-based, pay-as-you-use services, our clients are able to do much more with less investment and no upfront capital investment.

Improved Customer Experience

By being able to deliver today what your customers expect and deserve, continually improving the customer experience and your operational performance.

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