6 Steps To Deliver The Experience Your Customers Deserve

The 6 Steps To Deliver The Experience Your Customers Deserve

According to Nuance, despite the rapid growth in online customer service tools, almost 4 out of every 5 customers still prefer to contact a customer service center by phone. When they do, they are your toughest audience. Customers do not care who you are or the size of your contact center, they benchmark the service you deliver with the best in the industry and if you do not measure up, then 74% of them, according to figures published in Call Centre Helper, will change supplier.

First impressions are critical, how you start the customer interaction sets the tone and standard for the experience and this experience often starts well before they are connected to an agent. Contact centers need to consider the whole customer experience and develop ways to ensure that they are delivering against increasingly high expectations at every stage.

Many of the best practices outlined in this guide are not difficult to execute, nor do they require expensive equipment or substantial investment. It is about thinking smart in the way you engage with your customers, acting smart in the way you manage your operation, and not being afraid to redefine customer engagement.


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