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At Cirrus we understand that no two business are the same, which is why we have developed a solution that is aligned for businesses of all shapes and sizes

Whether your contact centre is large or small, Cirrus Contact Centre provides you with a complete, cloud-based solution that enables you to make a step change and deliver the experience your customers deserve

As a pay-as-you-go service, there is no reason you cannot gain the benefits of Cirrus Contact Centre today

We simply work with you to define your customer experience and provide you with your Cirrus Contact Centre

  • Helping you define the experience your customers deserve

  • Select the relevant capabilities and overlay onto your existing infrastructure

  • Configured to your exact needs

  • Your customers immediately see an improved experience

Complete Contact Centre Control

With Cirrus you get the opportunity to work the way you want to work, there are no restrictions or limitations, you simply define each customer experience, how the call is queued, the intelligence associated with routing and the self-service options available


Scalability, Stability, and Security

Cirrus provides an innovative compliance solution that ensures your agents and business is protected,
while your customers continue to get great service.

The Cirrus Cloud is designed to provide peace of mind and won’t let you down.
Focus on growing revenues and providing better customer experiences.

Our own synchronised state-of-the art data centres in London, Birmingham, and Manchester operate independently with double digit internet and major PSTN vendor connections. There’s no 3rd party data centre, network or related technology to blame. This market defining configuration means we ‘could’ lose more than one entire facility without any impact on our customers.

The net effect? Cirrus customers don’t really know what down time means because they wouldn’t ever know about it.

Focus on your business goals without the worry and let Cirrus ensure you remain connected to your customers.

Compliance Made Easy

Cirrus provides an innovative compliance solution that ensures your agents and business is protected,
while your customers continue to get great service.

Cirrus PCI Compliance

Get Customers Better Connected

Queue More Intelligently

Cirrus Intelligent Queuing uses customer relationship data to make real-time routing decisions across channels including webchat, email and social media.

Information such as ‘top spenders’, ‘new’ customer or even ‘best performing agent’ can be used as part of the routing decision process.

Customers don’t actually have to queue either, with more informative custom announcements and data driven or prioritised queued call-backs. If a customer hangs up before being connected, the Cirrus Queue Rescue solution makes sure they know you care about it, and will really differentiate your service team from your competitors.

The Cirrus solution puts you in control and gives you the right tools to define your routing strategy. Ensure the right agent is always selected to help a customer or to maximise the opportunity.

Make Better Decisions

Cirrus Analytics helps to identify customer contact trends and enables better decision making. Discover what you could be doing better, faster, easier or more cost effectively.

Measure against KPI’s using standard reports or customise to view data the way that works for your organisation. Benefit from every stage of every interaction being available to relate agent performance, call outcome and operational efficiency information.

The Cirrus Cloud reporting capabilities will help to improve Contact Centre and overall operational processes, reduce cost per call and provide the knowledge on how to provide an effortless customer experience.

Happier, More Capable Agents

Cirrus provides a more complete agent application that can be ‘connected’ to existing bespoke or off-the-shelf solutions such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics easily.

Agents have everything at their fingertips to answer customer queries faster and more effectively from multiple channels, reducing repeat contacts and providing an effortless, more personal, experience. Cost per call goes down and sales opportunities are maximised

Make the agents job easier and the customers will remember how great they made them feel.

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