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Cirrus Cloud Contact Center
Built For TAS
The Most Complete and Cost Effective
Call Center System and Supportive Tools
Needed to Succeed - All Under One Roof

Completely Covering Telephone Answering Service Requirements

With Cirrus you can meet your clients’ every need with flexible scripting and dispatch options. You have the tools to define each customer experience and empower your agents!

Advanced Queuing

Build your own cloud call center by easily extending or integrating it with your existing e-commerce and business platforms.

Value Based Routing

Cirrus enables contact centers to move beyond purely skill-based routing, taking into consideration both the customer and the historic performance of the agent, to route the call to the agent that is most likely to gain the best outcome for the customer.

Desktop Integration

Productivity and customer service is significantly improved through tight desktop integration that includes as standard both and Microsoft Dynamics.

Recording & Performance

Cirrus enables each interaction to be fully recorded in the cloud, enabling the ability for analysis of agent performance, process compliance, and the end-to-end customer experience.

Real-Time Visibility

Highly visual dashboards enables contact center managers to gain real-time insight into their operation, continually monitoring performance against key metrics and providing the ability to closely control and manage their contact center.


Powerful, flexible workflows presented to agents based on time and day settings, invoked by incoming client DID. Fields can be formatted and validated, with extensive “IF/Then” conditional branching.


Dispatch to individuals and groups automatically using pre-built contact schedules and escalation protocols. Dispatch to groups and create Mass Notification distribution lists.


Standard and custom reporting available, including the ability to build and schedule reports and distribute via email to customers and supervisors alike.

Scale Up and Down

Our innovative platform allows you to add services and channels quickly and scale up/down your provision to support your evolving communication landscape.

Billing / Billing Integrations

Integrate with the most popular TAS billing software available, or have our professional services team build an integration with your billing platform of choice.

Resilience/ Redundancy

Five data centers distributed throughout the country allows Cirrus to offer beyond 99.999 reliability and uptime. Your agents are re-directed to the next available center.


Our (5) Data centers are fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant, giving you the compliance assurances you need to focus on your business!

CRM Integrations

Cirrus APIs connect with Salesforce, Sugar, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, ServiceNow and many others out of the box, and we can connect with any CRM that has an API. Start saying, “Yes we can!” with Cirrus API’s!

2-Way, Routable SMS and Email

No more second screen to monitor emails and SMS! Using Cirrus Omni email and SMS, and our intelligent scripting, routing and AI tools, you can manage true 2-way email and SMS with queue routing and SLA escalations. Non-urgent messages are filed or queued to non-urgent processing, while emergencies flagged by subject line or message content get escalated to the front of the queue.

Appointment Confirmation

Via voice calls and/or SMS, confirm appointments and report on confirmations and cancellations. Route re-schedule requests directly to agents if required.


Cirrus offers the most reach into social, messaging and communication channels, integrating over 30 apps across our platform.

Now you can manage true 2-way email and SMS with queue routing and SLA escalations, respond to your client’s Web Chats, offer social channel monitoring and response all from a single pane!

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