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Unprecedented Insight

Achieved by enabling you to define how each and every call is handled. Enabling intelligent routing to take place at the network level and ensure that every enquiry is routed to the right person and dealt with at the first point of contact.

Intelligent Call Routing

By capturing every detail of the calls you are receiving from the network to the agent desktop, we are able to deliver unprecedented insight into your operation and how you are delivering against customer expectations.

Enabling Intelligent Call Routing

By providing you with complete control over how each and every call is routed, leveraging voice menus, CRM integration and user-defined routing rules to ensure that every call is directed to the most appropriate agent.

Smart Queuing

Enabling you to better cope with peaks in demand through tailored announcements and smart capabilities such as call-backs and capturing the details of customers who abandon their call to enable proactive follow-up.

Innovate Service Delivery

By introducing self-service capabilities, embracing social channels and connecting channels through web-chat and click-to-call facilities.

Drive Quality & Productivity

Cirrus overlays onto your existing contact center and enterprise telephony, and as such, we enable you to apply the same rules for customer management beyond the contact center. We can overflow calls to and from your local branches or stores and provide a consistent customer experience regardless of where the customer calls.

Who This Would Best Suit

  • Any contact center looking to improve the experience they are delivering to customers

  • Any organization seeking to improve productivity and effectiveness of their contact center

The Value Delivered

No Capital Investment

Cirrus provides you with either a complete solution or a range of point solutions for your contact centre that are already installed and available in the cloud. There is no capital investment required, you simply pay-as-you-use our applications.

Leveraging Existing Infrastructure

Cirrus is a cloud-based application that adds capabilities rather than replacing your existing infrastructure, enabling you to deliver transformative change without the upheaval of a transformational project.

Increasing Control & Flexibility

Removing the restrictions commonly found with contact centre applications and providing you with the control to define how you want to work, and the experience you want to deliver to customers. By enabling you to be more accessible, more efficient and more effective in delivering the level of service that your customers deserve.

Ability to Differentiate

By introducing new services and ways to interact with your customers that make you stand out and be the very best in your sector.

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