Recruitment company empowered to innovate and improve client services using Cloud Contact Centre.

Pertemps is an integral part of supply chain logistics throughout the UK. It provides the behind the scenes teams that form the basis of the supply chain for well known brands. It also supports the government social care outsource program, placing personal carers across the country.


  • Easier, cost effective system management
  • The power to innovate
  • Better connection rates
  • Better client connections
  • More measurable value.


United Kingdom

Technology Environment:
Cirrus Call Manager

“Getting the right candidate in place enables someone to be tucked in at night. Recruitment is personal, we give people work and the opportunity to earn a living. Cirrus helps us do more, quicker”.

Sanjiv Patel, Manager PRP Response, Pertemps

Founded in 1961, the Pertemps Group is one of the largest privately held recruitment agencies in the country with an annual turnover of £700M+. It employs 2,500 staff directly and a temporary workforce of 30,000+.

A different contact centre requirement

Pertemps has to respond to resourcing demand quickly and efficiently. Each day provides a fast paced challenge to meet the needs of client SLA’s and deliver new and replacement resources. The need for a more flexible and agile Contact Centre platform became a key objective. Sanjiv Patel, Manager PRP Response, Pertemps, states, “We work to a 10:1 fill ratio, so with 10 calls we expect to secure one resource. However, the way we handle calls isn’t how you would in a standard call centre. We needed something that allowed us to be creative and improve what we do, but was also extremely reliable”.

A more intelligent solution

Pertemps deployed the Cirrus Call Manager Cloud Contact Centre platform and now benefit from features such as external data source based routing and more intelligent contact management, to improve the quality of connections with clients.

Staff are empowered to prioritise key calls and use a number of in-house defined features to improve contact management, Patel explains, “With Cirrus we can do complex things, that people might think are quite elaborate for a niche application, but even so Cirrus makes delivery easy and financially viable. Cirrus have got the right people in place and offer a platform that’s very specialised in what it does. It’s the most flexible available that I’ve seen and everybody at Cirrus has a technical background enabling us to provide the same kind of performance as a 200 agent Contact Centre, with far less staff.”


Innovating to create real world value
The freedom to innovate has powered ideas that directly improve efficiency and save cost, Patel explains, “We can call 50 people at once and present a text speech version of a job based on a predefined selection process. They can press 1 to take the job which automatically updates our system to confirm it’s now taken. Then if anyone else presses 1, we can automatically say, sorry its gone but we’ll mark you as available. With Cirrus we can eliminate all the things that we don’t have time to do or handle. We haven’t got to think ‘can it be done?’ because we know it can. We also save a huge cost for outside development resource, which is amplified when looking across more than one system.”

Better connection rates

Pertemps provide a more localised service to potential new recruits, Patel states, “We represent up to 90 locations outside of our office all over the UK. We get a better response if we’re calling a Bristol candidate from a Bristol office number. Cirrus is the only supplier we spoke to who provided an easy way to control calling line ID, (CLI) without having to individually update operator profiles before making calls. With Cirrus it’s easy and makes a big difference to our connection rates.”

Boosting crucial care services

Pertemps staff are empowered to react to urgent resourcing situations, specific to care team resource needs, Patel says, “We may call 150 people to help a client who needs 20 staff and a number of those who see a missed call on their phone will call back. This can result in an influx of calls just as we have an urgent or critical home care call, which ends up at the bottom of the queue in a normal telecoms solution. Cirrus provides the ability to grab that important call from the queue using a single button click. That call is then delivered directly to the handset of the operator clicking the button. We avoid having to hire far more operators on a ‘just in case’ basis.”

Patel, adds, “We could consider using an overflow or voicemail design but then actually maybe one of those calls we’re routing elsewhere is important also, we just don’t know. Supported by the Pertemps CRM, Cirrus lets our operators target the critical workloads instantly, nobody else in the marketplace is offering this. We would literally have to run with 3 or 4 times the people to get the same result.”

Management while mobile

Being able to be responsive while mobile was an unexpected benefit for the Pertemps team, Patel explains, “We can monitor activity from anywhere. I can add or amend an operator whilst on holiday from a smartphone. I can control access for others also.”

More precise tuning to save cost

Being able to capitalise on in-house skill sets provides limitless possibilities, Patel explains, “All those standard things you would expect from technology, so, more efficient, can empower people to do more, less cost, is all standard with Cirrus. But with Cirrus, you can tune it further. If you consider a stock racing car, it can only be tuned so far. With Cirrus you can tune all the way up to an F1 car. The flexibility means it doesn’t matter that we might be the only company in the world that needs a particular feature. I can try new things to shave half a second here half a second there and with 50,000 calls per month, I can save considerable cost. I’m saving headcount that costs us between £7.50 and £30 per hour also.”

Better at connecting clients to the right person

Recognising the importance of being able to leverage existing customer data for routing more intelligently, Patel explains, “We have staff managing a specific candidate or client based on their skill sets, stored in our CRM. To take advantage of that data for routing would normally mean a lot of expensive development, but with Cirrus it’s easy. We just look up a value and route the call appropriately, dynamically, based on if we’ve got five people dealing with a set of work, and this one person out of the five has dealt with that candidate in the last five minutes for example. We can intelligently push a call back to a person if they are free, which of course Cirrus handles.”

More measurable value

The Pertemps team have benefited from a transparent approach to reducing operating costs, Patel highlights, “Although the perception of Cirrus at the beginning was that it wasn’t the cheapest option, it’s proven to clearly be the most cost effective based on the problems and cost it’s removed. It’s not until you come across those immeasurable intangibles, that you realise you’ve only had to hire two extra people instead of a lot more. Further still, Jon Dawson, Cirrus Operations Director, actually showed us how to reduce our costs by 50% whilst getting more out of the system. I don’t think any other vendor we’ve worked with has ever done that before.”

Reflecting on the original solution, Patel adds, “We had separate providers for everything. We had a call billing product, a PBX, call recording all of which we were paying maintenance and licence costs for. If any of those separate products went wrong we had three maintenance engineers to deal with and to coordinate, just to locate the source of the problem. With Cirrus it’s one phone call and its one person who’s good at what they do, they remember you, they’re friendly and they know all the system features so can work it all out for you.”

The right partner

It was crucial for the Pertemps technical team to partner up with a vendor that offered both a flexible solution and the right approach, Patel, says, “Cirrus is the leanest, most effective, efficient and flexible solution of its kind. It’s clear that Cirrus has been built from the ground up with the right attitude and the right philosophy. This is the kind of partner we want to work with, offering a team that’s going to support you whatever crazy thing happens in your company.”

Getting it done and helping more people

The Pertemps team are very proud of what they’ve been able to achieve, Patel, highlights, “Cirrus helps us get the job done, beyond supporting a sustainable business cash flow. Getting the right home carer in place means that someone has got someone to tuck them into bed at night. Getting a driver into a truck isn’t about picking up a time sheet it’s about making sure those goods move from A to B so someone can have a coffee in the morning. Recruitment is personal, we give people work and the opportunity to earn a living. Cirrus enables us to do more for people and a lot quicker.”

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