The solution is super-easy to use for customers and Cirrus agents alike. When the caller or agent speaks, our translation engine listens, recognizes what is being said and translates in real time. The translation engine then relays this to the other party in their native language.

CirrusTranslate can seamlessly present both the native and translation text to the agent on screen as the caller is talking. When the Cirrus agent speaks, the caller will hear the agent’s speech in their native language.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning underpin the translation engine, meaning that translation quality improves with every conversation. As well as taking into account the customer’s unique context, knowledge and terminology that are specific to their sector.

CirrusTranslate can be configured in different ways such that the customer can select their language, or it can be automatically configured when the service is set up.


English- British & American







Norwegian – Bokmål




Arabic – Egyptian

Portuguese – Brazilian



On Demand, Instant Translation

Using a third party translator on a call requires human resource, which may not be available at all times. By automating the translation process, translation is instantly available, any time of day or night.

Lower Management Overhead

Managing multilingual speakers adds significant operational complexity and risk; and the service may be hampered due to staff sickness or unavailability. The flexible, on-demand nature of CirrusTranslate means that there is always availability of translation services, with less reliance on resources that can be tricky to recruit and retain.

Lower cost of translation

Due to the automated nature of the translation, Cirrus is able to offer the service at a lower cost to the customer than specialist, human translators.

Who This Would Best Suit

  • Sectors that have a statutory duty to provide services in multiple languages. E.g Public services, healthcare, local government

  • Organizations with teams and/or customers in different countries.

  • Organizations that are expanding internationally and new language speakers may be under-utilized whilst the customer-base gets established.

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