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Having the right Contact Center resources available when customers need them means balancing budget and profitability, agent lifestyle and customer expectations. It can be difficult to get right.

Today’s contact center is as much about profitability as it is about customer service. But lacking a solution that supports these objectives and one that keeps your agents happy is often the cause of major headaches for many contact-center managers worldwide.

Cirrus WFM balances these three areas carefully, with industry-leading forecasting/scheduling functionality at its core. An ultra-easy-to-use solution, it works wherever you are in the world. Unique features facilitate employee lifestyles and provide world-class support while, at the same time, guaranteeing you get the absolute most out of your investment.

No matter industry type or contact-center size – small or large – the challenge remains the same: accurate forecasting/scheduling and adherence assurance. Whatever your situation, Cirrus WFM – on-premise or cloud-based – is scalable to your needs, creating a considerable competitive advantage.

Cirrus WFM has the most powerful forecasting tool on the market – working across all customer contact channels including telephony (inbound and outbound), chat, e-mail and social media. Offering easy integration with any technology platform, it interprets your history – taking into account seasonality, trend analysis and campaigns – to predict the future. By being able to create forecasts for any time interval – for tomorrow or next year – and make instant changes in planning, you’re prepared to meet the future head-on.

In short, Cirrus WFM helps ensure you have the right number of agents, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.

Simple as that.

How It Works

Meeting Customer Needs

Customer needs have to be met. This can mean tougher shifts affecting agent lifestyle and potentially leading to higher churn.

Staffing Levels

Required to be accurate throughout each hour of the day. Ensuring the team isn’t overstaffed at the wrong times and staffed well enough during peaks.

Working Shifts

Calling agent shift preferences should be considered alongside customer demand. Disappointed customers affect profitability.

Powered By

The Cirrus Workforce Management solution, powered by Teleopti, provides intelligent forecasting, agent scheduling and performance management tools. It’s built on a foundation of over 24 years of experience working with resource planners and contact center staff.


Get the most feature-rich solution available, consisting of the base product and optional additional modules/packages, giving you exactly the functionality you need. Although feature-rich, Cirrus is the most user-friendly WFM solution in existence.

Follow Up and Improve

Contact centers are one of the most dynamic areas in many organizations. Cirrus WFM supports this dynamic nature, offering full intraday capabilities and real-time adherence functionalities. Make changes with a click of your mouse. Follow up on any of the many reports available, or create reports, dashboards and scorecards – in just seconds. Measuring allows you to pinpoint areas for improvement. What gets measured gets done, and you now have time left over to create and implement the improvements!

Scheduling and Optimization

This is where the magic begins: based on accurate forecasting, the scheduler can now assign individual agent shifts instantly. Are you multisite, multi-skilled? Do you work across time zones? No problem; Cirrus WFM can optimize your schedules. Whatever your particular set of rules – e.g. contract specifications, agent preferences – automated scheduling can take all of these into consideration. Cirrus WFM allows you to schedule for any length of time interval and thus helps ensure that, with additional resources, your highest peak periods will always be covered adequately.

Involve Agents in the Process

Cirrus WFM understands that agents are your most vital asset. A MUST then is supplying a tool accessible on any modern device that allows them to check their work schedules, view messages, makeshift trades, request vacations, state preferences and add overtime availability – all of which lower attrition rates. Even better, gamification and self-assessment features engage agents and help improve their overall performance.

Open Data and Integrations

Make use of any or all of your system data, using the Cirrus Software Development Kit (SDK) to construct – on top of the Cirrus WFM framework – customized applications or integrations with, for example, your Data Warehouse or ERP tools for rich data intelligence.

Supervisor / Admin

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Boast Agent Productivity

Planning agent resource to meet demands is not necessarily the hard part. Helping agents to stick to the plan is more difficult. Cirrus WFM schedule adherence makes it easier for the agent to monitor how good they are at being available when they should be, and provides assurances to the business that well-laid resource plans are being well executed.

In 15 minute intervals, an agent has immediate visibility of how well they are sticking to schedule. Built-in ‘gamification’ type rewards help agents feel good about their performance, with a ‘score chart’ showing how well they’re doing against others in the team.

Relevant management visibility and alerts are configurable to monitor and improve adherence continuously. On average customers using Cirrus WFM see a boost in adherence and ultimately productivity of between 5% and 7%.

Accurate Forecasting and Scheduling

A close integration with the Cirrus Cloud Contact Center platform ensures a consistent and accurate data feed of multimedia contact activity. Agent status information is also made available on 15-minute intervals to support the adherence features of the product. Historical data for specified date ranges can be ‘validated’, by fine-tuning and isolating one-off incidents to define a ‘business as usual’ customer contact view. This can then be used as one of many ‘templated’ views to build an extremely accurate forecast for demand and subsequently a more precise agent schedule.

There are many more features that form part of the solution, to improve scheduling further still, reflecting on business rules. One example is ‘suggested best time’ for a meeting. Decide who needs to attend and the application can provide a clear view of the best time slot to maintain the highest SLA response times.

Better Business Continuity Planning

Configuration is made easier, with the ability to restore previous changes. When defining an IVR, you can ‘undo’ or ‘paste’ a configuration easily. One click system restores provide a broader safety net also.

Retain More Staff

A core theme of the Cirrus WFM solution and a key benefit is the lifestyle features. These are designed to make agents feel more in control and to provide a better balance that actually improves productivity. Well positioned breaks and lunches, occupancy considerations and personal constraints can be considered, demonstrating a degree of human thought based process going into agent schedules

Better scheduling to demand means more consistent workload but importantly also means less stress for agents.

Working day preferences is a specific feature, which can be used to provide fairness between agents and perhaps reflect on seniority or longer-term employee commitment. A subtle benefit but actually a simple and effective way of improving the agent work-life balance while ensuring the business is exceeding the needs of the customer.

Automated annual leave request handling with ‘signal’ indicators against selected days of likelihood of being approved help agents to feel more empowered. If configured to allow access to this feature, agents see a real benefit, being able to plan themselves and again have more control.

Similarly, being able to provide ‘preferred’ shifts or feed in activities, again help to encourage a better agent work-life balance but boost productivity during shifts patterns.

Finally, agents feel empowered further still, with the ability to ‘shift trade’. Swap for a particular shift with a colleague or put a shift up for trade on the ‘board’. Management tools identify when agents do a lot of this also, to help identify opportunities for discussion.

The lifestyle features of the Cirrus WFM solution make the agents feel better about their working day and happier. With less churn, training costs are reduced and productive time is increased.

Intraday Management

Of course, unexpected challenges ranging from agents being off sick to major incidents, are effortlessly managed with a simple click and select features. Automate clever reallocation of work or task productivity in an extremely agile way.

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