Slide Management Insight

Cirrus Management Insight provides contact center
managers with the information they need to run their
contact center, drive continuous improvement and deliver
the experience that their customers deserve.

By capturing key information in the cloud, Cirrus provides
unprecedented visibility on your contact centre performance,
not just tracking traditional contact metrics, but relating these
to both contact outcomes and customer experience.

How it works

Step 1

Cirrus captures key information about each and every interaction, at source, in the cloud.

Step 2

Contact center managers and the business gain comprehensive insight through a visual dashboard. You select the Cirrus pre-built functions to create your service.

Step 3

Increased insight enables managers to drive continuous improvement both operationally and aligned to the customer experience.


Insight Capture

With Cirrus, comprehensive information on each and every interaction is captured at source and held within the Cirrus cloud. By capturing every stage of an interaction, you gain full visibility of your contact center operation down to the most granular level.

User Defined Reports

We recognize that no two contact centers are the same, and as such, provide you with the capability to quickly and intuitively create your own reports providing you with the information and key metrics you need to drive performance.

Standard Reports

As standard, Cirrus provides a full range of reports that enable you to track and analyze the core performance indicators of your contact center. You are able to quickly see how your contact center is performing and how this performance is changing over time.

Visual Dashboard

Cirrus combines comprehensive reporting with visual dashboards that can be used by managers, supervisors and even agents to gain an instant snapshot of business performance.

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Who this would be suit

Any contact center looking to gain improved insight into the operational performance of their operation.

The Value Delivered

Rapid Deployment

Cirrus Contact Center Applications are already installed and available from the cloud. This enables our clients to rapidly deploy new capabilities into their contact center.

Reduced Risk & Management

Our applications are proven and provided as a fully managed service. You gain the value that the capabilities offer without the disruptive risk to your business or ongoing management overhead.

Reduce Cost

Through adding capabilities to their contact center from cloud-based, pay-as-you-use services, our clients are able to do much more with less investment and no upfront capital investment.

Improved Customer Experience

By being able to deliver today what your customers expect and deserve, continually improving the customer experience and your operational performance.

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