How efficient is your Two Way Email?

Meet Greg – Greg is a supervisor or manager and works in contact centers up and down the country in companies large and small. Greg works in Service Support, Sales Support and Customer Service operations managing emails from shared inboxes. Greg also works in a highly regulated business, with strict guidelines around complaint handling and clearly defined compliance processes. He spends a significant part of his day sorting, allocating and distributing emails to the team for action. He monitors productivity and helps his team members when they need it. He collates information on trends, why people are emailing, what they are emailing about, and how the team is responding, and turns that information into reports for senior stakeholders. He does this by counting emails manually, transferring information into spreadsheets and producing pie charts and bar charts.

BUT, now that everyone is working remotely, Greg has a problem. While email is a tried and tested, popular means of communication with customers, it doesn’t scale well for remote workers. 80% of businesses run their enterprise email service on Outlook or Gmail, neither of which provide any form of oversight into what Greg’s agents are working on, how efficient they are, or who needs help. Greg can’t measure SLAs, so he can’t set KPIs to manage and motivate his team and trend analysis is a manual process. In short, without being able to see his team, Greg doesn’t really know how they are doing.

How Cirrus Remote Email Management can #HelpGreg

After voice, email is the preferred option for customer communications. The average contact center agent is handling between 20 and 99 emails per day.  What we’re saying is that email takes up a lot of time!  And it doesn’t get any easier when everyone is working remotely.

With Cirrus Two Way Email, Greg has a Single View of workload. An enhanced view of enterprise wide shared email accounts including information on:

  • Volumes
  • Trends
  • Dashboards
  • Productivity

Now Greg can auto-assign emails, attach notes, tag, track processes and intelligently route emails to the right teams & even to specific agents. He can set and manage SLAs. He has dashboards to monitor email volumes, response times and overall performance. Greg can see the workload, he can see response rates, he can help with escalations, check that agents are coping, and provide help where needed. All of this in real time.

With Cirrus Remote Email Management Greg has an email system with a KnowledgeBase system where you can put your includes Frequently Asked Questions, canned answers, forms, links and process maps which can act as self-help guides for remote workers. What is more, he can see how people are interacting with the KnowledgeBase, he can see which topics are more popular, so he can see which areas could be improved.

He can track and control what his team are doing with presence management features not dissimilar to what you would traditionally use in a voice environment. He can ensure they all use the same template, that their responses are consistent, and avoid the dreaded double dipping (two people answering the same email)!

With Cirrus Two Way Email Greg can empower his remote team with a professional, designed for purpose tool. It helps him to manage his people, provide a faster and more efficient service to customers and saves him time.

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