Social engagement should be number one on your brand agenda!

“You cannot buy engagement. You have to build engagement.” –Tara-Nicholle Nelson, CEO of Transformational Customer Insights

Meet Paul

Paul works in marketing and is responsible for brand messaging across different social media platforms. From his social media management platform he watches trends and customer conversations about the brand in the marketplace. Previously when a customer aired a grievance on social media, Paul was able to walk across to the contact center and ask an agent to respond. Now Paul is working at home, and things have changed

The last few months have seen a lot more customer calls, resulting in longer queue times.

Frustrated customers are turning to social media to air grievances and complain about not being able to get through.

What does Paul need to do to manage brand reputation?

Paul can see the brand damage escalating but feels powerless. He doesn’t talk to customers himself, but he can’t easily pass on the details to the contact center. He also knows that not dealing with a customer complaint can cause damage to a brand that can quickly go viral. We all know that bad news travels fast.

Paul needs to manage the brand at every customer interaction, but he knows he can’t do it alone. Paul and his leadership team – the heads of customer experience, marketing and procurement – have identified that they need to work together to manage all customer touchpoints.

Paul’s wish list:

  • Monitor brand sentiment and social media activity.
  • Actively respond to customer queries – and of course, any complaints.
  • Capture and deal with every post and every tweet from one place and provide a full audit trail of the interactions. So, if a customer rings or contacts them again, the agents know exactly what’s been said before.
  • Gather customer insights and feedback that can smooth out any business processes – glitches in delivery times, refunds or repairs, which if not dealt with, can lead to unhappy customers.

Having a holistic view of customer engagement can make a significant difference to Paul and the contact center team. Overall customer experience and satisfaction levels can be improved. Paul and the contact center team can meet the new demand from customers that prefer to use social media to contact them. And with access to the same information, they can deliver a joined-up service.

Helping you turn negativity into positivity 

Now that the contact center has become the hub of a business, it is integral to customer messaging and plays a crucial role in brand delivery. Social media has changed the business model – a small team in a large contact center can now have a significant impact.

At Cirrus we can help companies like Paul and his contact center team to manage social media engagement with customers and make it as part of the overall communications strategy:

  • One super inbox to manage all interactions: allows agents to monitor and respond to tweets and messages, tracking progress.
  • Manage all engagements: Facebook posts, likes and mentions; Twitter direct mentions; Instagram posts; YouTube comments and App & Play Store app comments with ease.
  • Intuitive dashboards: gain full visibility into activity and trends.
  • An integrated knowledge base: that can be updated with FAQs, policies and procedures.

Paul’s team is ready to make the change – find out how you can make social media a valuable and integrated part of your contact center by requesting a demo.

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