Are you currently using a Cloud Based Contact Center Platform? If so, does it feel like it was built just for you? Does it feel as though it was completely designed around your business objectives and outcomes? Or does it feel like it was built with someone else’s business objectives in mind? Do you feel like you’ve had to compromise?

Back in the day, when virtually everyone was using expensive, premise based contact center solutions, it was possible to customize virtually anything. Businesses did not compromise on their UI, scripting, integrations, reporting or anything else. As long as they could afford it, they could design virtually every aspect of their contact center solution around their business requirements or objectives. If they wanted pink elephants dancing around on the agent UI, they could do that.

As Cloud Based solutions became popular, companies saw lots of benefits in moving to the cloud such as low CapEx, easier to implement and use, better reliability and disaster recovery, they could reallocate staff that had been managing all the expensive equipment to other areas more in alignment with their business and more. The downside was they were now using a “box” or “all in one” solution and lost most of their ability to customize around desired business outcomes. The UI’s are what they are. The scripting is what it is. Most aspects of the system cannot be customized or modified because it would require a change to the core code of the platform, a major undertaking. Sure, they may have some integrations with CRMs, Ticketing Systems and WFMs but the system and its components, for the most part, are what they are and cannot be customized based on your business needs. It leads to some buyers saying:

“if only I could take the pieces I like from several different vendor solutions, I’d have the perfect contact center technology”.

So, I liken most CCaaS solutions to buying a suit off the rack from a retail store versus buying a completely bespoke, custom tailored suit. When you have a suit custom built for you, you get to choose the fabric, colors, collar size, seams, interior fabric and color, how many buttons it has, color of the custom stitching around the button holes and pockets, color of the buttons, are the pants low or high wasted and it’s all designed specifically to your measurements. Anyone who owns a custom tailored suit can’t help but feel awesome when they put it on. It fits better than any off the rack suit and was built just for you. However, a bespoke suit can cost a lot more than buying off the rack so most people settle for a suit from a retailer.

What if it were possible to have a bespoke, custom tailored contact center solution where you can choose the components you want based on your business objectives and outcomes? Assuming it still had a minimal CapEx and reasonable license costs, does a contact center platform completely designed for your business, without compromises, sound like a better option than the “box” solutions?

This bespoke contact center isn’t just an idea in the ether. It is available today from Cirrus. Cirrus is a provider of cloud based, omnichannel contact center solutions where you can mix and match components Cirrus provides with components from other vendors. You can customize your UI’s, customize your reporting, customize your routing and virtually any other aspect of your solution.

Here are some examples:

  1. A client is under contract with a legacy Cisco system for the next 2 years but wants to add omnichannel. They may not like the idea of investing additional capital and resources to building this out with Cisco and possibly having to renew their contract. The client could instead use Cisco for voice and layer Cirrus on top for engaging with customers via email, chat, messaging, SMS, social media, etc.
  2. A client wants to create a seamless customer experience and have full visibility into the customer journey by implementing a unified omnichannel solution but have built out AI with Watson, enjoy Loxysoft ProScheduler for WFM, want to use Kipany ScreenPlay for scripting and want CallN to be the solution for call recording and voice analytics. Cirrus could provide the underlying platform for omnichannel including voice, chat, messaging, social, etc. with a single UI agents work from, regardless of channel, and full visibility into the customer’s interaction history across all channels. They would layer in and integrate with Watson, Loxysoft, ScreenPlay, CallN and any other solution or component the client needs in the future.

Cirrus can be the hub where clients can use whatever components that Cirrus provides combined with components they like from virtually any other vendor. The end result is a flexible, agile, completely bespoke solution that is designed around both your current and future business outcomes. Cirrus wants to fit into your business, and not have the business adapt to Cirrus.

Learn more at or contact one of our specialists to discuss your desired business outcomes and how we can help you accomplish them.

Darren Prine, VP of Sales – Cirrus

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