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Cirrus SMS Chat in the Contact Centre

The Challenge

Working smarter is a clear ambition for most, although it’s not so easy when you’re already spinning lots of plates. Motivating staff, balancing spikes in call volumes, trying to hit service levels and continuously improving performance is a daily challenge, amongst many other things. And yet the demand for better results never stops:

  • Reduce inbound calls
  • Increase outbound call conversion
  • Reduce call handling and costs.

Finding smart tools that add more ways of communicating is the key. Tools that deliver results quickly, are easy to roll out, and are simple and fast for agents to learn and use.

Cirrus SMS Chat

Cirrus SMS Chat is an interactive SMS communication solution. It enables contact centre agents to have a live chat conversation, with customers and sales prospects using SMS, in an organised and intuitive way.

It lets customers reach you in a way that many now prefer, with text chat instead of voice. It gives agents a simple web console to manage chat conversations with customers. Cirrus SMS Chat has all the benefits of web chat, but it’s optimised for mobile use. It’s perfect for customers on the move, or in situations where voice calls would be intrusive.

It’s perfect for improving service and sales performance.

Customer service: Customers can instantly communicate with agents using SMS. There’s no waiting on hold, transfers to IVR, or bill-shock from calling 0800 premium rate numbers.

Sales: Agents can reach customers using SMS to qualify thousands of sales prospects simultaneously. They can ‘warm-up’ and qualify prospects with a message, asking questions, providing background information, web links, or arranging the best time to call.

Cirrus Chat helps agents work more efficiently. They can use a mix of text chat and voice calls that deliver the best results.

Features or agents

  • Easy-to-learn interface+
    • Easily balance inbound demand spikes, no need for specialist agents to handle different chat types.
  • Queue system+
    • New messages from customers that have not been assigned to an agent appear in the queue box. Agents can assign themselves conversations to answer and manage.
  • Instant templates+
    • Agents can instantly access predefined message templates to speed up conversation and provide consistency of message and brand.
  • Active conversations+
    • Active conversations with customers appear on the agent dashboard with an identification number. Agents can easily switch between active conversations for fast response.
  • Message system+
    • Agents can send outbound messages to customers, and include date and time stamps. Threaded conversation management with multiple customers is quick and easy.
  • Quick case search+
    • Search for past cases using a case ID or customer mobile number. View complete case history of the customer as threaded conversations grouped by the case ID.

Integration and deployment

  • Web-based for fast roll out+
    • Cirrus SMS Chat is a simple out-of-the-box solution. Agents and managers can access it through the Cirrus Agent installed and web based client. It doesn’t require software installation or ongoing maintenance on agent computers.
  • Cloud-based+
    • Deployed in a state-of-the-art Cloud platform, providing flexibility and scalability.
  • Flexible integration+
    • Cirrus SMS Chat is perfect for installation into existing Contact Centres also. It can sit alongside and work seamlessly with existing contact technology or a CRM system.

Management control

  • Real-time monitoring dashboard+
    • Instantly view unresolved cases and active agents. Organise your teams, track customer service levels and monitor agent activity and efficiency.
  • Reporting+
    • Real-time reports display message history, agent activity and customer response times. Periodic reports can be scheduled for daily or weekly email delivery.
  • Autoresponders and out of office+
    • Configure out-of-office hours for your teams. Outbound messages can be automatically sent to customers to provide further information and to set expectations.
  • Automated case creation+
    • Reduce workload on staff with automatic inbound case creation. Capture inbound customer messages, assign IDs and add to inbound queues for agents.
  • Banned word management+
    • Define lists of banned words. Any banned words are starred out in both inbound and outbound messages. This is ideal for defusing heated discussions and reducing agent impact.
  • Tag management+
    • Add, enable and disable conversation tags for your teams. Agents can attach tags to conversations e.g. ‘Sales Lead’ or ‘Escalate’.  Filter and view reports based on specific tags.


Reduce call centre traffic
Reduce inbound voice call load into contact centres at peak and off-peak times by providing alternative channels to voice, to quickly communicate with agents.

Reduce operational costs
Cirrus SMS Chat is a low-cost channel that helps reduce operational costs. The average SMS session is up to 75% cheaper than the average voice call*, and messenger chat is effectively free.

Increase customer satisfaction
Providing a fast, convenient way to reach agents is a great way to improve satisfaction. 64% of consumers would prefer to use SMS instead of voice as a customer service channel.

Increase agent productivity
Agents can manage multiple inbound customer service or sales conversations simultaneously, ensuring voice is used at the right moment to drive the best results.

Reduce agent attrition and absence
Agents that use text chat are buffered from angry customer voice calls. Auto-blocking of expletive chat text also gives agents a more pleasant, less stressful experience.

Increase outbound sales success
Agents can ‘warm up’ prospects before calling, using text chat, to agree the best time to call. This results in a 50–60% increase in call pickup, a faster sales cycle, and conversion.

What next?

Give us a call on 0333 103 3333 or contact us to find out more about the Cirrus Agent application and the SMS chat multichannel feature.

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