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Cirrus is ideal for consumer focused sectors. We provide
the capabilities that enable you to improve the service
you deliver to your customers while doing so in a highly efficient manner.

We provide Contact Centre of any size with access to the very best
applications that enable you to make customer experience a differentiator,
with our cloud-based approach delivering the scalability and flexibility
that is critical.


Control and Flexibility

We believe that you should decide how your contact centre operates and it should not be restricted by the software you use. Cirrus provides you with complete control to define how every contact is managed and routed and the flexibility to continually evolve this to changing demands.


In such a dynamic environment you need scalability, and Cirrus provides this. You are able to flex up and down the number of users to cope with seasonal demands and turn on functionality as your business evolves on a pay-as-you-use basis.

Ability to Innovate

With the most comprehensive range of capabilities available on the market, Cirrus enables service innovation for your customers. Capabilities such as self-service, social media and innovative queue call-back and contact applications, enables you to differentiate your service and get ahead of your competitors.

Insight and Management

By tracking each contact and interactions from the network to the agent, Cirrus provides a complete insight into your contact centre. It answers these questions and much more: What type of contact & interactions are you receiving? How are you managing these? and What is the experience like for your customers?

Extend the Customer Experience

Cirrus overlays onto your existing contact centre and enterprise telephony, and as such, we enable you to apply the same rules for customer management beyond the contact centre. We can overflow contact to and from your local branches or stores and provide a consistent customer experience regardless of where the customer contacts.

Who This Would Best Suit

  • Organisations looking to improve the experience they are delivering for their customers

  • Organisations looking to make customer service a differentiator

  • Organisations that are restricted by their current contact centre infrastructure


No Capital Expenditure

Cirrus is a cloud-based solution that requires no upfront investment, it simply overlays onto your existing infrastructure to provide transformative change on a pay-as-you-use basis.

Increased Productivity & Capacity

By enabling you to be more efficient and effective in the way you route and manage contact and interactions, you increase your first resolution rate, reduce call durations and free up valuable capacity.

Improved Service

Through greater control, flexibility and a comprehensive range of capabilities, Cirrus enables you to transform how you handle customer enquiries and the experience you deliver.

Reduced Management Overhead

By understanding how every contact & interaction is handled and the experience that is being delivered, you are able to better manage and drive continual improvement in your contact centre.

Complete Visibility

By answering more calls first time and ensuring that each call is connected to the right person.

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