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Both Local and Central Government face the same challenge, how do they improve and evolve the service they deliver to citizens within the constraints of budgets available? We help Government Departments to achieve this by overlaying cloud-based contact center applications onto their existing infrastructure, enabling them to deliver the experience that citizens deserve. Cirrus services are listed on the Digital Marketplace. This means that public sector organizations are able to access and implement our services quickly and easily.


Improved Accessibility

Achieved by enabling you to define how each and every call is handled. Enabling intelligent routing to take place at the network level and ensure that every enquiry is routed to the right person and dealt with at the first point of contact.

Leverage Shared Services

Cirrus enables you to trial and establish shared service functions where departmental calls are directed to a central contact centre focused on customer service, thus reducing the pressure on departmental workloads.

Embrace New Channels

Enabling you to introduce new self-service channels and ensure these are successful with the ability to provide ‘chat’ or ‘click to call’ capabilities to provide assistance when required.

Drive Quality & Productivity

Achieved by gaining insight into why citizens are calling, how you are serving these calls and the experience you are delivering. This enables you to continually evolve services to maximise resources and deliver the best possible service.

Demonstrate Quick Wins

Gained by identifying key bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the services you provide and by quickly being able to trial new and different options to improve the perception of your service while driving greater efficiencies.

Who This Would Best Suit

  • Central Government departments looking to improve their accessibility and service they deliver to citizens

  • Local Governments looking to deliver on citizen promises through changing the way they handle citizen enquiries

The Value Delivered

Easy G-Cloud Access

As a G-Cloud application, Cirrus is readily available as a pay-as-you-use service, you are able to trial the capabilities that it delivers with no capital expenditure required.

Improved Productivity

By removing bottlenecks and delivering each and every call to the right person first time, ensuring a greater level of resolution at the first point of contact.

Leveraging Existing Infrastructure

Cirrus is a cloud-based application that adds capabilities rather than replacing your existing infrastructure, enabling you to deliver transformative change without the upheaval of a transformational project.

Improved Citizen Experience

By enabling you to be more accessible, more efficient and more effective in delivering the level of service that your citizens expect.

Complete Visibility

By answering more calls first time and ensuring that each call is connected to the right person.

Greater Control

By understanding why your citizens are calling and monitoring how you are performing and the experience you are delivering.

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