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The patient experience extends beyond the time they spend with Doctors
or care professionals, it is also when they try to contact your hospital or trust
and how accessible and responsive you are to their enquiries.

We are helping hospitals and healthcare providers to improve the total service
they deliver to patients through understanding why patients call and ensuring
that each call is directed and answered by the right person first time.


Understanding Why Patients Call

Achieved by enabling you to define how each and every call is handled. Enabling intelligent routing to take place at the network level and ensure that every enquiry is routed to the right person and dealt with at the first point of contact.

Intelligent Call Routing

Ensures that every call is answered professionally and delivered to the right person to deal with that patient’s enquiry at the first point of contact.

Introduce Shared Services

Taking the pressure and workload out of departments and handling generic enquiries within a patient focused shared services team.

Address Inefficiencies

By using the capabilities of Cirrus to apply technology to automate tasks such as on-call contact, appointment confirmations and patient self-service.

Drive Quality & Productivity

By gaining insight on how you are serving these calls and the experience you are delivering. This enables you to continually evolve services to maximise resources and deliver the best possible service.

Who This Would Best Suit

  • Hospitals dealing with many patient calls across many departments

  • Healthcare providers looking to deliver a quality service for the best value for money

  • NHS Trusts that provide a range of services across many locations

The Value Delivered

Improved Processes

By not only identifying gaps in agent skills but where your processes are not supporting the desired customer experience and being able to quickly address these.

Improved Customer Experience

By understanding what the customer wants and the customer’s perception of the service you deliver and using this to drive continuous service improvement.

Increased Insight

By enabling you to experience what the customer experiences from your contact centre and identify what you do well and what you do not do so well.

Customer Feedback

With the recording securely held in the cloud, these can be retrieved by any authorised person regardless of where they are. Comprehensive tools enable you to search for the appropriate call and to play, pause and rewind as required.

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