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At Cirrus we understand that no two businesses are the same,
which is why we have developed a solution that is aligned for businesses
of all shapes and sizes. Our flexible cloud telephony enables you to select
the functionality that your business needs and then deliver this without
boundaries to any user, in any location, on a pay-as-you-use basis.

Retail, Transport and Leisure

In a world where service counts, we help these sectors deliver the experience their customers deserve.
We do this through a comprehensive contact centre application that enables you to work the way you want to work, to be responsive to a fluctuating demand, and to innovate to differentiate.

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Local and Central Government

We help both local and central government to be more accessible to citizens and to deliver a responsive and effective service.

We do this by enabling change without the need for major investment. We allow you to define the service your citizens should receive and utilise our applications through G-Cloud to deliver this.

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We are helping Hospitals and Trusts to transform the experience they provide to their patients when they contact them.

We do this by adding intelligence to your existing telephony, making you more accessible to patients and enabling more calls and contact to be delivered and answered by the right person, the first time.

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Outsourced Contact Centres

Our cloud-based solution provides contact centres of any size with access to what we believe is the most comprehensive range of capabilities available.

Whether you are looking to solve a particular challenge or to make a transformational change, we help you to empower your contact centre with the right tools to deliver exceptional service.

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Non-Contact Centres

Just because your customer service team is not called a contact centre does not mean they should not have access to the tools to enable them to be highly effective.
At Cirrus we help every part of the organisation to deliver the experience customers deserve, through intelligent call and contact routing and management applications, overlaid on your existing telephony.

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