Your Contact Centre Expert

Here at Cirrus we recognise the importance of empowering our customer’s with the knowledge to manage and get the best out of their Cirrus Service. A company’s telephony is a powerful tool and it is our job to help you to understand how to manage that tool so that you can give your customers the best possible service and brand experience.

With our unique 30-60-90 day training service we ensure that we give you the right tools to manage your service with confidence. Our methodology delivers this training in phases. The first 30 days after ‘Go Live’, we will provide full support service for any query. At 60 days, we determine the key areas where you require and customise the training provided. Through a series of screen shares, face to face meetings and training guides we can start to show you how to manage the key areas of the system. At day 90, we hand you over to the Customer Sucess team and give you the ‘keys to the car’ allowing you to self-serve and make the changes required directly, whilst knowing you have the full support of the service desk who are monitoring what you are doing.

Seasoned Professionals Who Enable Growth

Cirrus Customer Success Management Programme reflects our deep commitment help our customers make the most of our technology. Unlike other providers, who deliver a platform and expect customers to figure out how best to achieve the promised results, we are dedicated to assisting customers throughout the relationship to ensure success year after year.

Our Success Managers work with you throughout the life your contract. To help make the most of your investment, we assist with adoption from the outset, as well as when new features and capabilities added, in order to maximise understanding and usage.

Because our Success Managers have actually worked in contact centres, they understand more than anyone the challenges you face. They can help you avoid pitfalls and save time, allowing better performance results to be realised more quickly.

An Extension to Your Team

Your dedicated success manager will work with you to:

Outside of your regularly scheduled meetings, your success manager is available at any time to discuss ideas and operations queries. Your success manager knows your business and thereby is able to quickly understand the challenges you face. As your trusted advisor, we can be your liaison and advocate with sales, operations and support.

Analytical Insight into Your Contact Centre Performance

We will run deep-dive analytics on your system usage, helping to pinpoint ideas and suggestions to drive up return on investment and performance, increase feature adoption, and achieve your targets. Your success manager will help benchmark performance against the average of industry peers and will highlight areas where you can make short term and long term gains

Part of the Service at No Extra Cost

We’re so passionate about making our customers successful that our success managers’ time is included in the monthly rental fees we charge, ensuring that nothing comes between our desire to help deliver your commercial success on our platforms.

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