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Due to the recent industry demand, we are offering a free trial of our conversational analytics solution. This is to help contact centre’s support their remote workers during a time when call monitoring and QA is more important than ever. If you want to be part of it, just give us the go ahead and we’ll analyse your agents’ calls. We can then present back some actionable insights to you around:

  • What your agents performance looks like across your calls
  • See what your customers are saying about the brand
  • Highlight particular reasons for contact.

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Get the most out of our Conversational Analytics 

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  • Increase sales conversion rates by 25% – Replicate what your Top performers are saying and doing across your team.

  • Manage Risk, Fraud & Compliance – Up to 100% Compliance by default on all your channels. Eliminate fines with compliance breach and fraud alerts.

  • Increase First Contact Resolution –By understanding what customers want, you can eliminate up to 30% of unnecessary enquiries.

  • Reduce Agent Turnover and Increase Agent Engagement –Understanding agent behavious can help team managers to support, train and nurture your staff.

  • Improve Efficiencies –Deliver QA on all your customer calls enabling your QA resources time to be freed up to focus on high value tasks.

Watch our short on-demand webinar: Voice Analytics – Let’s Talk!

Watch the 3rd episode of Tea, Toast and Tucker ( series of breakfast sessions that covers key trends and challenges contact centres are currently facing) where Andrew Tucker is joined by Josh Averill, Conversational Analytics expert from Awaken to show you why contact centre managers are buying analytics, features and benefits – from agent performance to customer sentiment and analytics in action using real customer data.

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